Dali, Picasso at 10th Beijing international art exposition

Dali, Picasso at 10th Beijing international art exposition

Tenth Beijing international art exposition will be held in Beijing China international trade center, the exhibition highlights, was a tipping into a Beijing’s cultural card.
The large scale, Beijing international art exposition attracted from more than 20 countries and regions, more than 100 excellent galleries, many famous domestic and overseas art masters such as Salvador Dali, Picasso, Ye Jianyu, zhu dequn, Ding Shaoguang, Lin Fengmian, Huang Miaozi, wu guanzhong and others will work.
Tenth Beijing international art exposition to launch a new window: Beijing sanchuan international gallery will showcase Lin Fengmian, zhu dequn, Ding Shaoguang, luo zhongli, Wu Hao great masters, and main hall culture avenue, cao museum of art and so on many famous galleries; Russian gallery, repin academy of fine arts in the 20th century, Italian FRY modern and contemporary art gallery, the gallery of hargreaves, Germany and other foreign famous gallery on art fair; Launch yuan xikun of famous artists for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games specially made several Olympic landscape sculpture works; Show a new image art master Chen Jinfang more fine works, transfer “, in the spirit of love through art to establish a culture of peace and tolerance “human feelings of art; Masters of surrealism Salvador Dali sculptures and times of aristocratic art master woman wearing tights girdle of Picasso’s works will be on stage; “Top ten most influential artist” and “top ten most influential oil painting gallery” awards activities; For condensation of social from all walks of life love, to charity, the grand festivals celebrate the tenth anniversary of Beijing international art exposition and the 2nd China calligraphy and painting famous charity will large literary evening to large silent love.
Beijing international art exposition bend force to build a high quality, high standard of art exchange event. And will share with the Chinese and foreign oil painting artists, collectors, and in the industry a wonderful visual feast


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