Everybody wants to become Picasso,Picasso wanted to become leonardo Da Vinci

Everybody wants to become Picasso,Picasso wanted to become leonardo Da Vinci

Chinese artists in the common name of pyramid sequence, the abstract painter ding yi will no doubt have been in the high-end. He said he will take part in an average of about 10 important exhibition. In fact this is not very high frequency, but don’t know how many artists in the dreams of these opportunities. So in some private talk unavoidably appear such problem, think ding yi in depicting the cross and MiZiXing patterns in the process of all – very flattering to earn money, status and reputation of art. It seems that he just patted his head occupies a symbol, and its exposition of acme, is easily succeeded. We believe that once the debate just prejudice. Ding yi’s work is so abstract and the artist also rarely interpretation for these works. Should be in silence, is an artist. Ding yi is not a wearing designer clothes in senior social occasions, try very hard to meet power and to the international curators sell your artist, most of the time he reflects the asymmetric low-key and his own reputation. However, recently he is JohnnieWalker cooperation and famous scotch whiskey brand, specifically for the May 19 will be held at the Shanghai grand stage of “JohnnieWalk – er raise my glass to move towards the world concert” activity created works. At the scene of the concert, he the work will also be displayed.
Grid cloth, the art is a gesture
In 50 moganshan road, ding yi studio, ding yi sitting in front of his huge works for an interview. Reporter curious, as a committed to the professional artist of pure art, whiskey brand JohnnieWalker produced how to work with? Few domestic artists to participate in this kind of commercial cooperation, what impact will the artist?
Ding yi seems in no hurry to clean themselves, he reviewed his creation course leisurely manner.
Quite a long time since 1997, he was on the plaid finished cloth painting directly. On the finished product grid cloth painting, it is a kind of art. Products are directly used in the industrial society to become the artist’s creation material, ding yi hope to give new meaning to this material, and introduces some kind of special forces in his work. Rational, indifference of industrial products, rules, repeat the cloth cover design, character design and ding yi cross and m have some overlap effect of tautology. And hand-painted brush strokes, it embodies the artist trying to inject some freedom in neat graphics array feelings and warm feelings. The grid pattern, and Scotland short skirt is similar to the cloth. This is his psychological for JohnnieWalker the scotch whisky brand one of the causes of goodwill.
Is still MiZiXing and grid
Ding yi said she now identity is not only an artist, or a professor of Shanghai institute of visual art, he planned to set up a new professional in school –, integrated design. Based on that he had many times in the field of construction, clothing and other crossover design have won the high praise, this time a time he tried the new media art. All these accumulated would be his teaching cases.
In wide workbench, ding yi shows his design works of sketches for this activity. Is still remains MiZiXing grid cells. In new media video, these has become almost his personal logo art symbols are dynamic balance — they screen flicker, change, like a colorful city is growing, and the full screen slowly retreat, form the reflection of the city. All fell silent, and eventually develop JohnnieWalker famous the brand image and “KeepWalking” lines.
Before not to see the final finish work by sketching and words of description is very difficult to have intimate feelings. But still ding yi can be described as understanding of the work he had all the work of a key. Ding yi’s works puzzling people not in minority, maybe they just need a little direction will be suddenly enlightened. Of course, you can think the artists in the attitude of the cruel day after day in extremely simple symbol in the farming, its status is very paranoid and hard work. But he put the art value most “meaning” removed from the most simple graphics, has formed its own set of visual logic. In the web, he also failed to outside the network. He used a highly abstract, symbolic art language, captured some everyday landscape and his own subtle emotions.
Discover yourself, never end
Several years ago, a reporter saw ding yi’s works for the first time, also once like scratching their heads. A gallery staff reminded me that should be a little bit far back, see work as a whole and tonal change, will see the artist’s originality. Indeed, at a distance of observation, as through the rain wet the window, saw the dazzling city, may be the night in a busy street. Ding yi reporters this feeling was verified. He said he began to work since 2000 and some real world closer together. He wants to oil painting work more popular, so wrote many works of Shanghai urban landscape.
Starting from the form of a minimalist, ding yi created a very complicated work. Don’t know the people will think he is invariable, but in fact, the creation of ding yi has 19 years great changes have taken place. The artist did not change, no breakthrough, no vitality. Everyone wants to be a Picasso, and Picasso has wanted to be a Da Vinci. Ding yi suddenly said, this is the “KeepWalking”, artists have been excavating yourself, never end.
Perhaps, ding yi hope to the cooperation a perfect explanation. Actually, he is more, it should be said, “look at the peel and Jill, a lot of their oil painting work itself is a luxury advertisement.” In such an era, business and art are fortified, already no longer to emphasize those narrow fuzzy boundary


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