Pablo Picasso, Andy, haw, luxury goods and jewelry

Pablo Picasso, Andy, haw, luxury goods and jewelry

Want to walk into the scene of the first Shanghai international art exhibition, must go through a swarm of pestering scalpers PiaoFan, they put up to 200 yuan of above exhibition invitation card, some deals even before security guards at the gate of the exhibition hall. Estate planning, fry, fry, fry art, in China, seems to be nothing can’t be Fried. This is an intriguing picture, otc is expensive invitation admission, the floor is ten billion yuan worth of art, luxury goods and antiques, from a certain perspective, this is a feast to the wealth. The attribute of this exhibition is not so much on hot an art exhibition, art market than China to become the world’s one of the most important market for luxury goods.
Zero distance to enjoy the world famous paintings
Think of this art exhibition from the Angle of art, of course is exciting. Just like a journey to explore, walking slowly in the exhibition hall, suddenly met Picasso – is, of course, his works full of flowers village “, “woman face”; Renoir’s famous painting the girl wearing a crown, shortly before his other works in the Shanghai urban planning museum exhibition. And, of course, Andy, horner two screen printing works of famous pop “Marilyn Monroe”. At the scene of the exhibition, there are quite a few of the 17th and 18th century European landscape painting, figure painting, the various classical and early impressionist paintings moving, and moving emotions as if from a far-off filters through the most subtle touch of the artists.
The history of art works of great eminence, distribution in a gallery in the booth, not particularly separates and other works, some works even without Chinese label beside the nameplate, it depends on the audience can from so many works of art will be identified. Moreover, these works before even no fence, no glass, also not polite guards keeps people away. You can view and admire them in the most close to the way, see the feelings and thoughts in the picture, the age become cracked peeling oil paints are still bright.
A luxury goods market
Even if China’s art activity has more and more, the audience or rarely have the opportunity to enjoy the world famous paintings. But we can still from another perspective, the international art exhibition in Shanghai.
In pablo Picasso, Andy Mr Khodorkovsky’s exhibition hall, the work is not far away is sparkling jewels. 3.90 carat, natural blue diamond ring at $8 million in the explosion-proof glass yi yi is unripe brightness, the VIVID (the blue) level of natural blue diamonds, the world only 5 star. A large number of antiques, jewelry, let the lights of the exhibition hall in the shade. They and the meaning of the art coexist one room is, through the art of art coat and points out their merchandise property. In fact, art is goods, after all is expensive luxury goods like jewelry. This let a person suspect, artists can become art history important direct significance, only lies in his works in the art market or selling luxury goods market.
Picasso’s “full of flowers village” price tag of 4 million euros, “woman head” price tag of 2.5 million euros, renoir painting the girl with the corolla price tag of 2.8 million euros, “sleep sitting bath female” price tag of 6 million euros… And their matching, exhibition organizers not only spend millions of dollars to the exhibition hall of Shanghai exhibition center two floors converted into its predecessor, with the appearance of the garden, the gallery also give these works bought huge insurance. Even so, from exhibition hall at the entrance to start “, the density of the security.
As a result, the attribute of this exhibition is not so much on hot an art exhibition, art market than China to become the world’s most important custom oil painting market for luxury goods a validation. Reporters had vague fears before entered the exhibition hall, art fair international contemporary art has just concluded, and no ice, the international art exhibitions is now totally relieved. They actually oil painting is not in the same market, the same group


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