Artists set up mainly operating 17 to 19th century western oil painting gallery

Artists set up mainly operating 17 to 19th century western oil painting gallery

Ms Zhou Li since 2002 began operating the western oil painting, in 2005 began to focus on the 19th century the western classical oil painting in the original. Because the owner of the personal interests, the other is due to come from the broker’s professional quality, formed the sensitive sharp sense of investment, will soon be attention to this section in the huge potential of China. Therefore set up the gallery, and the most mature and the western classical art gallery institutions established close ties, promotion and market development in China are very good.
In terms of the current domestic situation, what’s the status of western oil painting art market in China?
Original western classical oil painting in China is not a hot plate, but in recent years there have been some thermal collectors of this kind of art form, they often buy some works from abroad back to decorate their own family. Since Classic Jane Classic painting salon business, also gathered a lot of collectors love Classic endeavors, they are more successful entrepreneurs or tzu was established in private museum professionals, and this aspect of the collection group as if a generation of art fall shows more strong. We have been in such a gallery, advantage is almost no competition at home, and with outstanding art institutions on us and international cooperation is more and more close, make our advantages more apparent, formed their own brand, drainage way and characteristic. Difficult it is for this section in China is still seemed unfamiliar, although investors are interested in, but suffer from the depth and breadth of the solution is too little to direct investment. Although we introduced each time there is a lot of harvest, but also know this section in China’s development needs a long time.
That how do you locate Classic Classic painting salon Jane? Gallery management direction and for the 2010 Beijing international art exposition of representative works have?
Our salon positioning in “the western classical oil painting of the 19th century”, including the barbizon school and European realism works, including some classic original oil painting, since the 17th century impressionist and Europe in the 19th century classic household utensils and furniture as an ornament. Gallery business direction is the best experts on united international resources and the advantage of art institutions, promote the spread and popularization of western classical art in China. Representative works include corot, monet, pissarro, renoir, every generation of g, latour, such as the western art history almost all the most important artists of all kinds of typical works. Especially the most important representatives of barbizon school, such as miller, diaz, Luo Yong, JiePei, Ms. Dupray, Jacques and del peja’s, “the type of work. In the 2010 Beijing international art exposition, we still take the barbizon school of various typical products, is convenient for you to understand the whole face of the barbizon school, and all levels of ten million yuan museum’s Norman bottom border of the pond, and the price between RMB 200000-1 million,collection level of western classical oil painting gallery the original more than 40. Once again choose 2010 Beijing international art exposition, is due to us since 2005 consecutive took part in the custom oil painting fair, the fair has a good customer and propaganda strength accumulation


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