As a technical system in the western,we do need to learn

As a technical system in the western,we do need to learn

Contact through more than three hundred years, three hundred years of effort, and level of Chinese artist’s paintings have western painter efficacy. If this is the painting sinicization, nationalization, the oil painting is very Chinese, very nationalization, so to speak. But often hold theorists think not, because the technology system still belongs to the west, so you want to paint in oils, you are in the paintings of western cultural background rather than what the Chinese cultural background of painting. People say painting sinicization, nationalization, is the thought of western oil painting system into China, as a Chinese painting system, to fight with the west. There’s a saying is very common, is in the contemporary art and western oil painting gradually reduce, oil painting has shifted to China, as long as we insist on the canvas sinicization, nationalization, can produce a lot of oil painting masters, according to the world art history, the last battle prevail in the west. This kind of indomitable spirit is admirable, but to surpass in the field of oil painting creation achievement of western classicism and modernism, be afraid is insane. In the field of contemporary art in the culture competition has not painting competition. We can produce many individuals in western painting system, but it can’t “turn” out a system of Chinese oil painting, take the western oil painting technology system and it is not possible. Westerners will not make the mistake, I want to go what ink such as French and American problem.
Chinese society in modern backward caused national Q psychological: my ancestors stronger than you, I wouldn’t be able to admit that you are stronger than me. Chris from the United States, from the point of view of economic development seemed to have some truth, but there is tell from the art and culture. Modern art is the triumph of western culture, as well as the common achievements of human civilization, in the modern socialism has been drifting away, we want to build a beyond the modern art of China in the west peak, incredible too not practical. In a “national cultural psychology” to prevent against the west, for a culture of the cold war, is this necessary? I don’t see.
Second, how is the oil painting nationalization.
All the people who put forward the nationalization of oil painting, when answered the question of how to “turn”, without exception, are Chinese traditional art and ideology as a weapon. Imagery, metaphor, spirit likeness, calligraphy and painting homology or conformity and even the nature of poetry, these things as the aesthetic category of ancient Chinese art, only to be meaningful in the classical art and its continuity. They promoted as the only way for Chinese oil painting, the sense that gives a person is theory is greater than the image, rhetoric is greater than the creation, and magnified many times. Frankly, the Cao Xing original ms put forward the know-how “painting”, I doubt, to know and general binary relation to sum up the oil painting reproductions present and future of Chinese oil painting, was too simplistic. Ancient Chinese in addition to the knowledge and knowledge, and wisdom and hui li, wisdom is to “know”, and wise in some sense is higher than that of knowledge and knowledge. “Knowledge – knowledge – hui” rule of thirds is the most precious things in Chinese thinking. Lao tzu said, “the tao gave birth to a, life two, two three, everything”, the rule of thirds can explain everything, and two points method is used to explain the “three”. There are wonderful this in Hegel’s “logic”, Hegel’s dialectics is about “individual, particularity, universality” rule of thirds portrait painting instead of being Ma Enlie simplify the dichotomy of MAO


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