Oil painting nationalization has a long history,discussion of in numerous paper is often based on two assumptions

Oil painting nationalization has a long history,discussion of in numerous paper is often based on two assumptions

The first hypothesis, is to present a cultural spirit of the media in the west, so must to Chinese cultural psychology and aesthetic structure assimilation, to our advantage. – this hypothesis cannot be established. Oil painting is a technical system (including the media), put the technology system known as the “language” of art, is a figurative, but it is this figurative, let a person with “language” and consciousness of the relationship between oil painting expression as the use of technology system, inevitably cause cultural system imitation of western thought, this is a big mistake. Oil painting production must be according to the history of western culture, but once the form is the common wealth of mankind, is no longer just belong to the west. Technology is no assimilation not assimilation. The Chinese invented gunpowder, westerners to use, only with a very good question, should not use problem.
The second assumption that art emphasizes the image performance, subject, way of thinking belongs to the east – the hypothesis also has a problem. Like, subject and object, expression and object, the unified is the most common way of thinking, human classical period between eastern and western classical art but their respective emphasis. After entering the modern western art ideas out of respect for individuality, also emphasis on meaning, subject, show that on the one hand, so the Chinese cultural concepts, personality and taste of style is completely can use the western oil painting technology system and language systems. Of course, should also ask the so-called Chinese cultural concepts, personality and taste style of Chinese people have what age? These things are not fixed.
China is a country with a long history, from big powers, the Chinese painter and theorist always follow politicians constantly oil painting nationalization of questions. Actually really worth discussing in the contemporary art rather than nationalization native consciousness. Here is the difference between the national concept and the concept of individual difference, is a grand narrative and difference expression of difference. If the notion of “nationalization” is general proposed should express the survival of the Chinese oil painting reproductions experience in the oil painting creation and oil painting artistic experience, also just as well. Then often use this as a serious political task of the culture, the lofty goal or improper academic thesis, this has to be discussed seriously


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