Realism collective appearance 798 oil painting masters ode to elegant

Realism collective appearance 798 oil painting masters ode to elegant
On August 7, 2010, Beijing (99 art network lumens) “ode to jas – wind.. The first time” in the 798 art district this afternoon the tripod with two handles peak space held the opening reception, many artists and art world famous people who came to visit. 99 art symposium held at the scene of the exhibition art, artist Yuan Zhengyang, guest critics Zou Yuejin Jiang Guofang and Chen Ming and exhibition all participated in the BBS discussion.
The exhibition named after “elegant”, today, “elegant” gradient for a thorough public daily life and the concept of cultural exchange activities cover a wide, and the concept of full of good. “Elegant” and “common” these two words are often relatively almost became a broad range of cultural and artistic content ultimate generation of words. In fact, the refined and vulgar is locked. And if the two can effectively unify form fit the situation, the result must be a classic handed down from ancient times. Mr Artist Yuan Zhengyang in exhibition preface writes: “because” elegant “is not willing to make revolution and subversion, so by revolution in contemporary face crisis, in this era of cultural revolution, the tripod with two handles peak hold a lofty refined exhibition space, there are the meaning of the wind. I believe that eventually by the human nature and human nature vault of” elegant “, is any revolutionary movement is hard to shake.”
The exhibition space as the tripod with two handles peak “ode to the wind..” exhibition series for the first time, as China’s realism oil painting the artist a collective appearance, exhibited many artists in this exhibition of outstanding works in recent years, according to the reporter at the scene of understanding, Jiang Guofang, Li Xiaogang, Yuan Zhengyang, Zhang Li, Zhu Chunlin, Chang Lei, artists such as Chen have works. Some of these artists is a member of the “Chinese realistic painting”. Chinese realistic painting, the first is by the ai, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong, to launch a “realistic painting” in Beijing, a total of 13 people at that time, Chen joined later. In Chen’s advice, in March 2005, officially changed its name to “the Chinese realistic painting”, members by the original 13 people also extended to 30 people. The team, brings together the elite of Chinese oil painting creation. When a variety of novel art forms appear constantly, fashion has become an important language in the contemporary life; When under the background of traditional neglected, forgotten, When people more in the form of instant or indulgence towards life and art of today, there will be some people still stick to their ideals for many years, in the form of the realistic oil painting reproductions in expressing their feelings of poets, investment in the production process and makes strict to the requirement of perfect quality, the rational spirit and traditional culture advocating extreme dedication. And today’s exhibition is part of members of the Chinese realistic painting, more excellent realism oil painting artist in 798 of a collective appearance.
It is reported that this exhibition for a month, will display to September 7th. According to ms MoYan exhibition director, and after the exhibition “elegant”, the tripod with two handles peak space will continue to of oil painting reproductions exhibitions of subsequent exhibition, at present, the relevant exhibition project has planned


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