Second session of Chinese oil painting exhibition tour in xian slightly lift small works

Second session of Chinese oil painting exhibition tour in xian slightly lift small works

Affected by oil painting market dominated in recent years the YouHuaJie keen to big oil painting. To encourage the unique artistic charm of small oil painting, Chinese painting society took a year for the host of the study and beyond – the 2nd China oil-painting exhibition slightly on August 7th to August 22 in national art museum of xi ‘an, chairman of China oil painting society ZhanJianJun said that China needs a big painting painters, also needs to have small pictures of great painter.
China oil painting society small canvas held the first exhibition in 2001, when Chinese oil painting art in the creation of pioneering is weak, the exhibition is designed to study and the spirit of transcendence, encourage Chinese painter with a sincere attitude, passion to create small canvas. According to “historical bravery, the precious soul” spirit of artistic creation, strive to exceed themselves. At the same time promote Chinese painter in-depth life times, art practice.
Reporter saw at the scene of the exhibition, 204 (including the judges 16 pieces), some described many characters, reflect real life scenes, composition and characterization ability is quite good, some characters xingshenjianbei, painting style natural and unrestrained freedom, some landscape borrow scene lyrical, recreate themselves, including oil painting works of famous artists, there is also a graduate student. With broad perspective, reflect the contemporary with rich and colorful social life and the nature of spectacular sights, with diverse art gimmick, show the exploration and research on the new features of the oil painting language.
It is reported, China oil painting society last year, these works from all over the country more than 6000 works selected, reflects the basic features of small oil painting in China in recent years. The jury is all over the country more representative, in art is a collection of various styles of painter achievements. They can carefully selected these works in the special artistic style of perfection, uniqueness of the works. 30 a painter here art award and excellence award respectively.
ZhanJianJun, chairman of the China oil painting institute said in an interview with reporters, now China YouHuaJie tend to large oil paintings, works of art to pursue the more large wind. This is mainly for the objective demand of market, a lot of people think that the work, the greater the more attract attention, its value judgment seems to become more prominent, this is a misunderstanding. Because of different painters have different pursuit, we will be excellent small oil painting spread before the public, is to show that small oil painting also has a lot of the beauty of art, also accord with the demand of society, art should not be ignored.
The central academy of fine arts department of art history Shao Dazhen tutors, points out that since the 20th century, Chinese oil painting “the painted”, there are three main reasons, one is the need of modern architectural space. Second, the market factors, price is often to CheFu size calculation, thus affect some painters on the format selection; 3 it is sharply painter can shield performance ability defects. Well-known painter, xi ‘an academy of fine arts professor ChenBeiXin said, relative to the large creation, small oil portrait painting can make the painter with a relaxed attitude into research and artistic creation, were also more likely to impress people. He thinks that Chinese oil painting reproductions market should improve appreciation culture, make more excellent small paintings present in the world


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