2010 autumn oil painting market -glorious for realism art

2010 autumn oil painting market -glorious for realism art

Realistic oil painting as one of the realistic painting, originated in the west, has a long history and profound traditional. Realistic painting after the Renaissance in Europe in 500, up to now still occupies a place in the field of art. At the beginning of last century, as represented by xu beihong, YanWenLiang, Lin Fengmian pioneer artists across the study in return, they were Chinese planted the seeds of realism, with all his life energy into the development of Chinese modern art, make Chinese realistic system, and in later decades to become the mainstream of the development of Chinese modern art system.
In the Chinese oil painting in one hundred, after several generations of painters of the development, the accumulation and propulsion, realistic painting made remarkable achievements. Chinese realistic artist bearing the tradition of western classical painting language, to the east point of view to look at the life and nature, gives the realism painting in the original is not some new historical significance. In 2005, Chen, ai, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong et al., jointly established the “Chinese realistic painting”, declared the contemporary realism in group way of new power stronger. Ai said that “China is now the highest level of realism painting absolutely walk in the forefront of the world, is the highest level”.
Because Chinese affection for the realistic art and the Chinese realistic painter tireless pursuit for many years, to make it work market trust degree is high, the potential is great, from 2000 to 2000, the Chinese realistic painting market remained in quite a price stable state. Since 2005, the market is almost straight up sharply, to turn over more than five times than in 2000.
Beijing poly auction company, in the fall of 2010 auction of modern and contemporary Chinese art total 440 million yuan, realistic oil painting part of the deal has occupied the entire top half of the share. The realistic painting LengJun realistic did the acme, in order to achieve the realistic effect of thrilling, super realism of his works “the portrait of the like — ronaldinho” with 31.36 million yuan to refresh himself item transaction records; Ai the important work of the holy mountain with harsh natural environment foil life alive, and the greatness of human nature. Works with 20.72 million yuan turnover was refresh the artist’s item record. Because realism painter’s work is hard and serious, work amount is very limited, it is also important win the favor of collectors. Wang Yidong work is elegant, beautiful forever, his return uncut jade to put in the oil painting language seems to awaken people’s deepest innocence, his latest work “spring attack feather ping groove in the autumn evening auction clinchs a deal with 14.56 million yuan. Yang Feiyun from earlier to later for the rational and harmonious fine classical spirit pursuit, make it beyond the love of skills; Li Guijun works with exquisite technique to the pursuit of visual beauty, most sought after by the market in 2010, the price also is once upon a time a few times…
Today, the oil painting market growing again catalytic enthusiasm for realism, return to realism has been not just a slogan, which famous oil painting is driven by the market. In recent years, the realism art auction price and sell-through rate are improved obviously, a variety of different levels and different levels of realism oil painting is easy to find a buyer, while those in the art history of the famous painter of works out to be the object of the collectors have lined up to bid for, not only that, some contemporary realistic painter accomplished work also repeated sky-high.. The role of realism oil painting is about to become our auctions.
Poly painting autumn auction can have such good results, the first is from these outstanding artists love of realistic oil painting and stand, we hope that more advocate realistic painting artist excellent work continuously, to satisfy the needs of the general collection group. Poly auction company had a huge expert consultant team, they are in their own art with profound professional and extensive contacts, poly succeed without their support and help, thank you: Wu Er deer, Cui Zhizhang, xifang feiyingli zuzhi lilun shuping [gue, Guo Yuanchao, Lin Song, often day, sincerely hope that, based on a poly this platform under the joint efforts of everyone, the brilliance of Chinese realistic painting


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