Don’t pick up summer autumn,personal oil painting exhibition opening today

Don’t pick up summer autumn,personal oil painting exhibition opening today

Russian cultural center today to 25 Beijing will be held to “pick up summer autumn” as the theme, the root of the base – don’t take, personal oil painting exhibition. Gennady base – don’t take, the exhibits in the show a lot of summer elements – the dazzling light, thick warm, warm sunshine, fresh fruit, vibrant nature and happy people. Visit the center exhibition audience can temporarily forget the autumn wind blows in Beijing in November, feel the Russian summer sunshine.
Root, base – don’t pay, is a famous Russian artist, Russian artist association member.
Gennady base – don’t’s, was born on March 31, 1956, 1984, with the whole class the only “red diploma”, graduated from repin academy of fine arts from uzbekistan’s professor. And then read the column kalashnikov’s graduate students. Gennady base – don’t take, listed as a world-class artist handbook “Mayer” and “Le Guidargus De La Peinture” (France), and “18 – Russian oil painting painters in the 20th century”.
His works are collected by the ministry of culture of Russia Ukraine, and is held in repin academy museum, st. Petersburg history museum, and bolton, plug gas burr, fort g sal fan and so on the national museum of the city. In Hollywood, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Kyoto, st. Petersburg, Paris and other cities to run a one-man show

Ma Hong suitors — the pure art, the nature of individual life, with its persistent enthusiasm for art and life. His dream has oil painting reproductions just set sail, to believe that his life will be in full bloom


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