Interest in outside Dai Shihe personal oil painting exhibition opened manet – grass art space

Interest in outside Dai Shihe personal oil painting exhibition opened manet – grass art space

Outside the China central academy professor Dai Shihe “interest in” personal oil painting exhibition in Beijing, opened in the manet – grass art space exhibition hosted by famous critic Mr Peng. Exhibition site gathered the audience of different ages, we have learned, they can find the picture from the belongs to own thing, perhaps the artist Dai Shihe age is big, but the mentality of young. At the end of the opening ceremony, the artist also held art salon, artist “talk art” face to face with the audience, the atmosphere is very active, many viewers.
In artist Dai Shihe works, the trace of the painting is not only the lingering impression, is the painter’s accomplishments. Each work, is not only a natural veil, is also the painter’s heart open. Through Dai Shihe work, on one hand we walked into the vivid nature, on the other hand to free and easy heart. Dai Shihe paintings often give a person the sense of stirring, because he is as sincere and deep soul and nature. We see from Dai Shihe works both childlike, and have a great depth.
Critics of Mr Peng said: “I particularly like Dai Shihe works reflect the joy of life. This not only because he will sketch as creation, and because he special emphasis on painting technique, holding a stressed left their mark on the picture. Dai Shihe works, in other words, the joy of life, is not only reflected from the object of fresh, but also on the stroke of vivid. Zheng Banqiao ever talk about his experience of an oil painting studio bamboo, the bamboo presents different characteristics: smoke light shadow Lou gas floating between hydrophobic branch leaves the “bamboo” of eyes, have a bosom to life after an idyllic scenery of the “bamboo” of bosom, and put pen to paper as the equivalent of “bamboo of hands” shu. Zheng Banqiao concluded: “intended to pen, first rule; also interest in, the mechanism for also.” I especially appreciate this “put pen to buy oil painting paper as a disguised shu” and “outside” interest in, because they hit a art


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