Zhu its talk about Chinese oil painting industry and food chain of terror

Zhu its talk about Chinese oil painting industry and food chain of terror

Recently, Chen returned ten years show cause “Chen powder” on the Internet, but what’s good? I saw a few skynet also didn’t understand, the “powder” Chen himself didn’t understand.
If compared the painter to tai chi chuan, he is likely to be three kinds of people, first of all, he is a set of method of tai chi master invention; Second, the notion of a complete set of boxing and pattern is not his invention, but he has a local technical improvement; Third, he was only following someone else’s fists practice, practice is very good.
Chen solo exhibition certainly belongs to the third. In the loss of spiritual s, now the cult of the “master” ethos intensified. Like all of you have good people will reduce the tai chi practice, as he is the man who invented tai chi chuan. The predecessors of tai chi chuan inherit well, of course, also have value, at least he is a very charismatic teaching masters, but is not equal to create master teaching masters.
“Fans”, of course, is not two hundred and fifty, his admiration for a person, always on the “master” has the edge, such as a piece of good color painting, a good brushwork, draw out some kind of taste. I have to dinner a few times to chat with Chen, in fact I think Chen brilliant and height is not on the oil painting, his public lectures, TV “talk show” and privately about China’s political culture, truly reflects his level. Because it is belong to the level of “tao”. Even the artistic level of “technology”, I didn’t also heard Chen about oil painting is very brilliant, he fell on the discussion of modern photography, brilliant movies or TV series, more than any Chinese painter.
In terms of “technology” and “dao”, which has not really synthesis in the oil painting of Chen. His painting is mainly reflected and the nature of genius, “technology” poets in the so-called sex of the “mandate of heaven”. His “tao” is mainly manifested in the public writing or speech, but I don’t think this is the “tao” is not in his paintings. (of course, there is a group of “dao” carrying on public display for not, but the tao is not is not actual.) Overall, I don’t think Chen will be “technology” and “dao” in real language and aesthetic integration.
In this sense, “Chen powder” most of the comments focused on Chen on “technical” sex, it is actually running down on him. Poets say again “of the word” of sexual motivation, a person’s sex only to the level of “tao” is the ultimate. So the topic mentioned the master level, Chen painting although do not merge with “dao”, “technology” but in “dao” educated and sex, Chen is the best painting home, even more than many critics.
So far, the meaning of the Chen painting oil painting is only a tai chi properties. This involves two issues I discussed before, a necessary practice painting hordes are Chinese? The second is perfected even mean?
First, the Chinese hammering “practice” oil painting has reached very terrorist. In recent years, successively has multiple billionaire with children respectfully invite I to have a meal, I’m flattered, the superiority is very rich man suddenly honour worthy men of letters, at ordinary times is the main mine in introducing good teacher to guide her KaoXue daughter of the central academy of fine; I also met a girl in BanHuaXi study, she has no talent, a few years to take an examination of academy, but also perseverance; For her parents to doing business in guangdong, specially bought a house near the China central academy and also for her with a car and two nannies.
But beautiful courtyard into the useful? Most graduates make artist, actually I know a lot of graduates can only be beautiful courtyard next to the painting class. Then, around the academy was formed a spectacle: “food chain”, all cost a huge sum of money and energy in practice KaoXue beautiful courtyard next to the studio, and then take an examination, after graduation to find a future, and began to do painting class; Then, the next generation of art students into the custom oil painting classes again, again into the academy, apply for a painting class; Academy and drawing class itself to form a “KaoXue industry chain”, KaoXue, study, employment, incredibly self-sufficiency, self-marketing economic system. I also dare not say it is “the small peasant economy”, in Chinese oil painting reproductions population base, the output value, in fact, there are hundreds of millions of annual national KaoXue class. As the central academy of fine a “KaoXue class” annual income in the millions


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