Li Yaolin paintings will tour in Italy,for Italy Chinese culture year increases extraordinary splendour

Li Yaolin paintings will tour in Italy,for Italy Chinese culture year increases extraordinary splendour

Director of China artists association, Beijing artists association, vice chairman of Li Yaolin will be held on February 5, 2011 to Italy “China dream” oil painting exhibition. Famous painter Li Yaolin 30 pieces of paintings will be exhibited in Rome, milan, Venice, is one of the important painting exhibition of Chinese culture year in Italy. The exhibition tour in Rome, Italy, milan, Venice, Hong Kong and Li Yaolin works in classical Chinese local-style dwelling houses and ancient Chinese palace architecture as the theme. One of the Chinese classical architecture painter Li Yaolin as a creative, he suggested building is a national, national way of life and cultural spirit of externalization, focus on the national spirit of aesthetic taste, aesthetic, aesthetic ideal, and to build wisdom, full of modelling art visual energy, especially the process of national history. In Chinese landscape landscape Li Yaolin also reflects the artistic thought.
In the painter Li Yaolin works, classical local-style dwelling houses of south China, with large white wall and top HeiWa rhythm strong tone. Wall, between watts and doors and Windows of dot, line, face, black and white plane segmentation, form beauty, modelling the minimalist and connotation is rich. Chinese palace buildings with red and orange yellow glazed tile luxuriant splendid Oriental colour atmosphere, white marble pedestal more foil the supreme of showily style. Architectural space scale easy magnanimous, visual stability and dimensional feeling extremely.
In the two buildings contain characteristics of Chinese plastic arts are very distinct, and have extremely abundant cultural connotation. Rings of these buildings and simple sense, demeanor and temperament, emotion and rationality, colour and line, survival and formal beauty, is a famous painter Li Yaolin the tour works after the kernel, excavation and expression of art.
Famous painter Li Yaolin this exhibition, by the Chinese oil painting reproductions consulate general in milan, Italy, the selected cultural exchange association, the Chinese newspaper club, phoenix TV reporters in Italy, Europe Chinese magazine always, Florence, Italy from Venice, Italy overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese overseas Chinese association,custom oil painting association, Turin, Italy and the Italian association of Chinese enterprises, Italy (roma) Chinese businessman always huaxia group, Europe and other important institutions and more than 20 units for the invitation


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