Shenzhen wen oil painting collection of foreign exchange to promote Russia oil paintings have a chance

Shenzhen wen oil painting collection of foreign exchange to promote Russia oil paintings have a chance

To 25 January 19, Russian painter repin academy of fine arts exhibition in shenzhen 7000 square meters of exhibition, cultural assets and equity exchange as the world’s most famous four big academy of fine arts, Russian repin academy of fine arts of three exploits artist khalim lee, gold medal winner Constantine, geoff and young outstanding painter andres cory even division three artists represented by the realism classics meet deep art lovers more than 80.
Russian oil painting value be underestimated
Russia rapin art college, dean of the Simon says, two countries with good art exchange between China and Russia tradition. Repin’s pull on the volga river and gram, according to “the unknown girl” and other works are highly praised by Chinese artists, maxi exploits artist qi baishi old man with 350000 yuan of dropping the hammer, “DaChun field – series of China with 1.32 million yuan created his personal works auction the highest sales record in China.
Simon says, keen to collect a lot of Russian oil painting are fine arts, JinShangYi maxi of collection, and Chen was once they ordered three cuny lung, the works. “Play” Simon says, the russians love painting, Moscow and st Petersburg has more than one hundred oil painting gallery and salon. Recorded oil painting artist, more than 7000 people, came to China for many times, China’s current art market is very prosperous, some publicity through galleries, auction to the high prices, the Russian oil painting at present at home has been the impact of commercial hype. Simon says, a good work eventually depends on the quality of an artist’s work and training artists, as time goes by level also gradually improve, excellent works of literature, of course, also need a good publicity.
Russian oil painting by the investors
One investor said when accepting a reporter to interview, Russian oil painting originated in the 18th century, it has both the east and the west culture, distinctive realism painting idea, dark, thick, atmosphere, have thick idealism feelings. The special status of Russian oil painting in the world art history, highlights the Russian oil paintings of investment and collection value. For years, Russia’s oil painting appeared a big rise in price, turned over about 10 to 50 times.
Russia’s oil painting is collection scale of Chinese foreign art category. However, the domestic institutions dealing in Russian art the good and bad are intermingled, quality difference, among them, some can only be as interior decoration. Top Russian painter works usually flows to the west, therefore, to enter the Chinese market’s top painter’s work less.
Experts pointed out that not all paintings Russia has collection value. Should choose collection have fame and influence of painter, should focus on those people’s artist, academician of even the title of “hero” painter. Or repin academy of fine arts, st Petersburg, Moscow repin custom oil painting academy of fine arts in first-class art institution KeFu academy of fine arts painter works between teachers and students. In addition, the collection on realism, aiming landscapes, portraits, still life paintings. Because these three kinds of oil painting reproductions in the Russian oil painting the most traditional color


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