Dialogue oil painting art master artists benefit a lot from JinShangYi

Dialogue oil painting art master artists benefit a lot from JinShangYi

After two years, the opportunity comes again. On March 31, 2011 JinShangYi served as honorary curator of the wuhan art gallery, 77, he came to wuhan again.
Reporter (hereinafter referred to as “) : your works convey the elegant, pure and peaceful, until today also, review the life of the pursuit of art, the feeling is what?
JinShangYi (hereinafter referred to as “jin”) : (laughs) is the most regrets of my oil painting research enough depth, research will continue! Oil painting is a foreign painting type, the Chinese are very like this picture, there has been a lot of learning. It seems easy, in fact to really grasp, reaches a certain level, it is not easy. Because orientals observation method with the west is not the same, to convert the observation methods and habits, so it is very difficult. I am the comparative study on the oil painting and Chinese painting, only to find the problem. Don’t contrast will feel pretty simple, so the more I learn, the more I think is not enough.
Reporter: you recently to give China art gallery, 39 works, including the tajik bride, “the young singer” more representative, is to complete the wish? Good work in the art gallery?
Jin: I have always advocated good oil painting reproductions work should be to the art gallery, the earliest in China central academy, in the 1990 s, contributed three I will take the lead. At that time mainly is the groundwork for the construction of art museum. Cultural facilities in this modern society, art gallery or museum in China is just beginning, not to say that we built a pavilion, make a show, it is the art gallery. : this is a kind of cultural measures since western industrialization, industrialization, the generations of private collection or the royal collection, as a local oil painting gallery open for the public, this is the cultural construction of modern society. Economic strength is not enough


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