Heard that a certain works of painter took,your heart begins to stir

Heard that a certain works of painter took,your heart begins to stir

In order to draw a good sell? Or in order to draw more identity, all around to become a good picture? Which presumably also inseparable in the heart. Open the faucet, take a pot of cold water to water to you, you will be awake? If the amp works you can objectively, without personal emotions have been also didn’t look good, suddenly took on, you have nothing to envy, unless you have a certain relationship can help you, otherwise you steadfast to draw it. Art social circle by forces into their respective interests, some over to borrow channel; Cater to the taste bidding up the sky-high, pursuit of image promotion. In 2011 took part in a public auction of art, this is a good circle, but this is like a circle by “force” a cover on the cover, put in far from “yangxin”, but can be followed and force people to follow, and then to hear the truth about a work of art itself. Feel this, I’m just an art lover, real painting artist? Fortunately, the outside of the circle of interests is a bunch of really pursue art amp beyond her, beyond the history, stick to the classics
– Yingzi on April 17, 2011
Oil painting worth?
Now famous paintings, an auction, frequently tens of millions of yuan, stunning. Even more than two thousand one thousand works of wu guanzhong, also said publicly that his painting is not the price. To tens of millions of certain market prices, but are tens of thousands of yuan to transfer painting in his early years, the intermediate links to profit, layers of premium, enlarge hype. For the industry to see such operation, have expressed great concern. Irrational price of oil painting, the chaos in the market, blocked the artist’s work reasonable sales, low job is oil painting reproductions difficult to; It also makes collector in long-term wait-and-see, do not know how to start. Some auction houses simply don’t accept the contemporary strong painting. And “avant-garde” works, only supply and cater to the tastes of overseas “person”, has also been bid up the day price, this let painting artist emotion carefully.
How to recover the market price of the custom oil painting, rationally became a big problem of the prosperity of art. At the end of the day, the price of oil painting localization, depends on the artist and the work itself, rather than according to one media for evaluation. Oil painting techniques of the master and the process of the famous painter usually quite long, often have several decades of hard work. Market price, contains the artist’s painting art skills, aesthetic concepts, life experience and achievement of long-term accumulation. Works of artists is the price of a sense of certainly, should be a comprehensive evaluation of the professional circles. And now, strangely, there is no art professional groups, the popularity of painters rely on the media, and many media often depends on the relationship between depth and size to determine the promotion plan. Anyway, no evaluation standard, what kind of artists to fame overnight, painting is likely to be sold to. The price of the art, so the traders of the intermediate links. Many art magazine plain code marks a price, the artist pays can only be published; Even the exhibition invited the media to attend, and often have a certain amount of money. True artist in silent and cultivated, would probably be silent annihilation, not sure. This makes paintings of assessment and the choose and buy, the unprecedented chaos


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