Mr Yang Yunxiang evaluation of well-known painter JinShangYi

Mr Yang Yunxiang evaluation of well-known painter JinShangYi

For 14 years, dean of the central academy of fine arts, for 10 years JinShangYi chairman of Chinese artists association, is seen as a system of “China academic leader”. By doing an ordinary man, he is really a good man, also in the dedicated drawing, teaching; After the cultural revolution is also a college in one of the few people can stick to only beautiful painting, in the short term also play some modest effect. I like many people respect him, but to respect people is not necessarily the person I admire, and from the perspective of the academic level of painting culture, the historical development of the art of painting is to come from his work and pursuit; The emotion factors and ethics are two different concepts, so, I hope those who too emotional to seriously think about it, on the academic discussion, as far as possible not to clarify the concept of personal survival psychological and academic confuse STH with STH else.
“Concept is not important, the technology is not a vague,” he said, not a few people argue the ambiguity of his argument, only him to show others how to, and no serious dare to comment on the substance of his paintings; Mostly because of today’s art system needs are almost all his protege, and you don’t look at cracking SengMian also want to see the face ah. I am a retired worker, support dead, that is, a text of the amateur, not every aspect of specific interests concern, just at the level of academic analysis how ridiculous is that! At the same time, also for so many of our master, doctor and supervisors blush, there are so many theorists have turned a blind eye to around the year 200 we lag behind the western oil painting of reality; (in addition to the imitation of foreign art form) of oil painting history and present situation of Chinese oil painting always prevaricated; I don’t have the necessary for them to shame! Because the Chinese intellectuals scholar-bureaucrat spirit is already dead. We all know: a man has done is to rely on the concept of almost all in support of his own practice, even if Mr Jin has pointed out the idea is also to the personal understanding of the art of painting, but the concept of cognitive must make people understand it specific refer to what is, whether it is modern, classic, or other? His flow out of the question really is a vague attitude! What kind of technology? Is his a set of technology of classical realism authentic again! ? Though he kept mention Rembrandt, but his painting and Rembrandt’s painting language contact how much? Because of his beauty portrait and other works of everyone is very familiar with, all kinds of media have repeatedly for three transgressions of five times to proclaim him; Depending on him as a Chinese painting master (of course I don’t rule out he is a big job, age, big, famous teacher). We only see his works to participate in the exhibition, all is the constitution of a tradition that is always put his work in the first place, this is the right art officialdom culture position and also in the painting activities are copied FenLi poor; Large Chinese painting exhibition in the academic schools of thought contend is almost the same sound. Amazing wonder? !
In JinShangYi view, the style is not important. He repeatedly stressed techniques, types of painting from a conservative, from a period of political demand, from his favorite painting style; Claiming that makes sense. But, he said, “why imported cars into the domestic assembly was easy problem? Because we are hand painted oil painting not the state of the art, the Chinese standard is lower than the somebody else, just this one.” Can art and technology process and questions are linked together? Do you not know that our most industrial products is only working properties of the technology, so don’t art imitation? Our technology products because does not have its own unique brand is not everywhere are people despise, too! Why don’t you take qi huang and so on works of Chinese painting masters techniques for thing? Chen, Ding Shaoguang on all the people in the United States is not by skill won the business opportunities, the cause of their art works to master painting height? Say such things, just shows how much he misses the basic concept of cultural and artistic cognition. Is such a gentleman in our art heavy throne sits for decades, now or in the body posture “adviser” everywhere, of course, need to cover with tiger luck also abound. In 1949 he was admitted to Beijing YiZhuan (formerly the central academy of fine arts), JinShangYi only 15 years old, more than 60 years later, he was from the China central academy dean and the position of retirement, chairman of the China artists association. Still retains its standing committee of the CPPCC national committee and the central academy of fine arts the identity of the doctoral tutor, a 76 – year – old JinShangYi still not clear why the essence of the culture and art. Unexpectedly in the media shows itself in the cultural revolution period of LingXiuXiang proud, don’t you know that Mr Ba jin had conscience and so on a number of men of letters have repeatedly repent himself in the great cultural revolution mistake as! He is a bit of a confession meaning? Change as I wish to drill into the yard, he was the greatest talkers are complacent and photographed the media exposure, shows his numb mentality of cultural cognition was tian did not know.
He admitted that he is the most benefit is lucifer modelling structure, understand the “all modelling factors to permeate through the grasp of object custom portrait painting structure”. This sentence sounds can fool elementary school students, this is only to teach students the basic discipline, shows that he doesn’t know the value of culture and art of language wisdom is painting a picture


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