Overseas Chinese painter:western eastern homesickness in the abstract

Overseas Chinese painter:western eastern homesickness in the abstract

A few days ago, is known as “collect market barometer” sotheby’s Hong Kong pulled open the prelude to spring art auction. One of the most outstanding people is the integration of Chinese artists’ works of “music leg horse”, which works in an artist price index topped the rankings. Famous Chinese “inspiration of winter” the works of zhu dequn clinchs a deal with “astonishing” hk $28.66 million. Similarly, in 2010, Christie’s specially introduced a special Chinese painter works of zhao mo pole, caused a big response at the time of the collectors.
Just a few years ago, the life and creation in overseas works of Chinese oil painting masters are just appear in the overseas markets. Today, they are gradually being familiar with mainland collectors, also has become a denizen of the mainland pat on field. Why overseas Chinese painter’s works into the mainland market “darling”?
Experts point out that, in order to sanyu, zhu dequn and represented by the overseas Chinese master zhao has a clear description and academic, they almost every picture can be, so there are fake collectors for their work, there is no concern. In addition, these overseas Chinese creation of oil painting are few, represents the initial exploration process and changes of Chinese oil painting, significant.
From the aspect of artistic conception, present the intersection between the east and the west’s unique aesthetic feeling attracted a large number of fans at home and abroad. In many expert eye, the French painter zao Chinese painting implication abstruse, seemingly, and contains the east brush. In the national museum of modern art curator more French anwar commented: “zhao mo pole, use of paint and ink used, glaze is a kind of typical Chinese painting, given the liquidity and not shiny clear. At the same time, he kept far east painting paint downy brightness and implicit transparent hazy. He is to the east and west two kind of artistic practice to a certain temperature to reach this point.”
In addition, these paintings exude “homesickness” east also favored by many Asian collectors. Famous integration of zhu dequn while living abroad all the year round, but always kept at a habit of practicing the word, for decades, uninterrupted. In others, the longer it is away from home, Mr. Tend to return to the Chinese tradition. As time went on, in his works, such bright Oriental homesickness is a little bit more. Chu’s friend and his partner, the French national institute of jimei Asian art museum curator Dai Haoshi said: “while his feelings for home in a quiet custom oil painting way into work, from his calligraphy and paintings, you will find these abstract works embodies very rich Chinese traditional.”
As the saying goes: “tree height thousand zhangs discarded.” For overseas Chinese artists such as a special community, “the root” represents not only the home of geography, also means that the profound Chinese traditional culture. In “the oil painting reproductions is my life,” zhao wrote: “the painting is my entire life, is also the only with me a lifetime to pursue…… although I joined the French, but I just something, or Chinese. The source of my painting from China.until April 25


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