The heart of life – see Duan Guosheng oil painting exhibition inductive

The heart of life – see Duan Guosheng oil painting exhibition inductive

At 3 PM, Duan Guosheng solo exhibition in the town of iron art he ink space kicked off on time, the opening ceremony of the distinguished, famous persons and celebrities from all walks of life to celebrate. The solo exhibition of new creation in recent years shows Duan Guosheng “comprehension of life” series oil painting, his works make the audience feel the pulse of the release of life, surging, the transformation of space and time and cycle of the seasons.
He ink space Zhang Tiejun manager, curators Wang Yibei etc to the opening of today’s solo exhibition. The exhibition exhibited Duan Guosheng canvas 32, this a series of “the feeling of life” gave the audience a spiritual shock. Duan Guosheng work is looking for a kind of spiritual, want to use painting to express their feeling of life, attitude to life, the fear of the nature and the vision. The feeling of life in the series oil painting works, “celebration” surge “and so on series give you leave deep impression, the guests and media have expressed great interest on its works.
It is understood that the artist Duan Guosheng have been like painting, early study with professor Lin is dry. After graduating from high school to the countryside to jump the queue, attended ShunYiXian cultural center of photos into oil painting arts class. In the early 80 s, was admitted to Beijing university of arts and crafts company worker process of fine arts. Go to work, do pick embroidery pattern design, transfer printing design, costume design, such as work, 87 dongdu Japan in Tokyo, senior fashion study, after returning as a fashion designer to apply for Lufthansa friendship mall, in sanlitun after starting their own fashion studio… Artists rich experience, for its magnificent distant works added footnote.
This small exhibition artists readme, main is to want to refer to the experts, sincerely hope to get advice; At the same time, also to take buy oil painting this opportunity to communicate with relatives and friends, hope to get encouragement and support. It is reported that this exhibition will last


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