Wang ping painting exhibition in chengdu painting tide strong reactions

Wang ping painting exhibition in chengdu painting tide strong reactions

On May 4, a 10-day “burning ice cream, wang ping oil painting exhibition” at the end of the chengdu, sichuan province. It is understood that the exhibition embodies the three features: bashu school list released after the first man to do a solo exhibition; In 80 after painting painters “ice cream”; The sale is the absolute principle. The novel concept of curator, new things, adapt to the audience in new thinking. The exhibition by the sichuan provincial party committee propaganda department, sichuan, sichuan artists association, the communist party of China (chengdu municipal party committee propaganda department, the much-anticipated of chengdu, chengdu art academies in collaboration with the blue top art gallery, art gallery of chengdu, chengdu. “After 80 painting” wang ping oil painting exhibition this card, efforts to develop new generation collector, show name “burning ice cream” in the middle of the be fond of of young people, attracted many young fans, guiding the future collectors preferences have the spirit of the new China oil painting; Make public the painter about “painting painting, painting with time characteristics common people like painting, painting affordable” artistic point of view, cause the attention of ordinary collectors and the general public and popular; Set up the behavior of the art, advocating “art in around you, you are art creators and enjoy” the idea of closer to the painting and the distance from the people.
According to the staff estimates, the exhibition received audiences in more than 30000 people, in the art gallery of chengdu single buy oil painting exhibition audience attendance record. It is understood that this show wang ping painting exhibition 77, one third of them are borrowed from collectors before exhibition works on display at the back, in addition the exhibition and a third works are collected by collectors, one of the masterpiece oil painting Kennedy art center collection by the United States, there is a picture of collected by the Chinese embassy in the United States, all other works in the collection also fell into the hands of main collectors


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