About Mr Chen sky “harmony series oil painting” QQ dialogue

About Mr Chen sky “harmony series oil painting” QQ dialogue

(RAY, the painter’s net, YIMI – site freelance writer)
YIMI: you sent to the site I have ever seen, you of contemporary traditional Chinese painting book also heard, on the whole work is conflict.
RAY: do you have? Why is that?
YIMI: women more porn, is elegant and lotus flowers, especially the eight styles of lotus mountain man, you are good at making images of contradictions painter, why call harmony series? At all? What is the meaning of such work? ~
RAY: I think the beauty together is very beautiful, the lotus lotus beauty have in common in some respects, such as lotus rising above the sinful beauty, no matter in what kind of environment is graceful, both like, together is harmonious.
YIMI: turns out to be so, but you look sad beauty, as you say like it just been raped women, lotus lotus leaf is also a bit of a broken, why not draw a healthy sunshine of woman? This is what reflect your abnormal psychology?
YIMI: “the remaining defeated liu” is a good change the subject? Look at the uncomfortable
RAY: ha ha ~ why change? I am in view of the harmonious society to create these
YIMI:? ~
RAY: in fact my lotus flower represents the harmonious society, Chinese people now is I draw these women
RAY: women been harmonious, of course, is not necessarily the rape, because women lose chastity is usually be seduce, is also has a lot of adultery, but also have a marital rape, of course, have a love called “love”, we use the word “rape” is not good, with “love” does not seek truth from facts, so use the word “harmony” can be summed up.
YIMI: this is the “lotus together” creative? A rape of women under the lotus?
RAY: yeah, the so-called rape is not correct,
YIMI: I know, harmony of women right
RAY: that’s right, rape is derogatory, harmony is a commendatory term, I am beautiful in praise of human nature and society.
RAY: they serve, or enjoy, or tamed, or sad, or helpless, or pain, or helpless,
RAY: they will not be able to only do in front of men’s authoritarian is resistance
They both love and hate to man’s tyranny
YIMI: you are too biased, is entirely in the patriarchal perspective in the interference of art!
RAY: ha ha ~ the patriarchal consciousness is some, but in reality when people can’t afford to buy a house, no money to send their children to study, to pay medical bills, prices rise, the stock bubbles, and a few people first outbreak, is how you feel and I drew a woman?
YIMI: ha ~ the expression should be strengthened
RAY: the more obscure, the better, I’m not political cartoons
YIMI: how do you show
YIMI: your model?
RAY: use the lotus performance of a harmonious society
Express public opinion with disheveled woman
But I just describe the society brings to my art feeling,
What I don’t want to attack.
YIMI: seems to be a poet, couldn’t remember…
RAY: men enjoy this eye picture represents an eye
The woman’s eyes on behalf of the people’s eyes
So the men look at this painting comfortable and satisfied
Sick woman look at this picture,
RAY: should be a psychological uncomfortable but the body is very cool
YIMI: interesting.
YIMI: absolutely accurate enough
RAY: both hate men and women rely on men, resisting and worship the patriarchal, you see, the men’s and women’s lives custom oil painting and our society today is very similar to picture? Very harmonious?
YIMI: interesting.
RAY: the charm of art is here
RAY: I paint with some color romance doctrine and critical realism,
The face of it I’m painting the beauty and sex
In fact my work is a reflection of the deep inside
YIMI: I like your picture, but I don’t agree with some of your point of view, men and women are equal now!
RAY: I understand, because you are a woman, I am your mind, the author points out: so you like my picture, maybe one day, you will like me ~
YIMI: dizzy ~
RAY: ha ha
YIMI: you don’t say out, sometimes will produce other objections, you said right?
RAY: so what do you think what is my picture
YIMI: I thought it is human body painting, of course, is a meaningful existence
RAY: I am more reserved
Let a person feel, but not too clear, only need to perceive some kind of existence is enough
Since existence is reasonable, we only custom oil painting need to adapt,
RAY: of course thinking is necessary.
And artists can draw,
Politicians can legislation and enforcement,
I think ~ fuzzy policy is very reasonable
YIMI: so you like politics?
RAY: no, I am sensitive, so in his works reveal a little
YIMI: I want these words down ~ you can post
RAY: whatever you!
RAY: by the way, if you want to publish, please specify I uphold the leadership of the communist party, uphold socialism!
YIMI: haha ~ be afraid of making mistakes?
RAY: haha ~ because I was harmoniou


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