Deng Jianjin painting seldom go directly to hit a social problem,whether GouZhi scene picture

Deng Jianjin painting seldom go directly to hit a social problem,whether GouZhi scene picture

Or specific image, even the man, woman and child holding a pistol, and also don’t often occur in the United States campus shootings. Back and forth, throughout his work is peeping desire, is a peek of self and the male ego to peep at the opposite sex. So his painting is always has a kind of self and the nature of the inner monologue, full of mental anxiety and desire, live without a solution, a fascinating one.
Contemporary art because of the challenge of the feminist literary criticism seldom study men, but men of consciousness in painting performance is also prominent, and often deeply touched the cultural identity and right relationship problems. In a sense, a general discussion about the subject matter of the works Deng Jianjin tendency, and the characteristics of the language, is easy to see it as a modern expressionist painter. But that its creation condition does not match. Deng Jianjin antipathy stylized style, not win by some form of patent, the art of changing his countenance, let us feel the possibility of new expressionism in contemporary Chinese art. Appropriate for Deng Jianjin segmentation “modern” and the concept of “contemporary” is necessary, because he hit a problem is the context of cultural inevitable spiritual and cultural problems.
New expressionism of the so-called “new”, is the openness of the performance, namely the subject consciousness of some kind of change. Performance of modernism, is the result of the establishment of self personality, whole and heroic, also is the result of subject consciousness and object world binary contradiction. That is to say, the problem is objective, and performance is of subjectivity. But in the context of contemporary culture, the relationship between subject and object is a subtle and profound changes. Because of the traditional culture is no longer the art but the resistance of the resources, individual character liberation but no longer is the value of the art of art starting point, the purpose of art form creation is no longer but the custom oil painting condition of art, contemporary art lose the opposite of continuous revolution, only in the practical problems in today’s society, culture and mental problems. Contact problem itself become the subject of mediation, the problem is not belong to the object, also belong to the body. Main body is in the question, is part of the problem, self that exists in the symbiotic and sexual accomplice, exists in the problem situation and interactive process. Expressive Deng Jianjin works should be done that way, he ran away from self creation change proves that the new expressionism openness of the so-called “performance”.
Deng Jianjin works for sex, sex, violence, and damage the performance of molestation is unusual, whether early painted dry coke, bumps, make visual psychological discomfort, or thin painted and flow drain later, let the spirit of illusion oil painting studio as a sleepwalker, he can in the modelling of awkward, abrupt in colour and the ornament of a sudden, bloodshot, scar, meteors, note and floating line, etc.), find special harmony and consistency, and thus cause the depth of the visual stimulation and mental vibration intensity. At the same time, also brought feelings for images directly and vitality. His works on the body reaction provocation is not only a subject, and is a form of, always can let a person feel physiology stirring during mastication


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