Huang teng hui’s paintings have a light tone,pure color,blunt pen and breath of life

Huang teng hui’s paintings have a light tone,pure color,blunt pen and breath of life

Beyond the three-dimensional space, in the space of complanation manner, to build its artistic text; Importantly, huang teng hui derive the pioneer spirit of modern art, bold eliminate the time factor in time and space factors, the time factor to disappear in the picture, everything in the picture only space “object” and “content” relationship, this comes from the heart, rather than the external world representation of graphic display, even more highlighted he named the “rose” theme of the sun life characteristics; Dispute such as: the kenting rose garden “, “red rose”, “deep rose”, “the rose”, “rose garden”, “dance of the rose”, “rose deep night” and so on, are all like this.
Time factor is pulling away, all in the space structure is a kind of distance and Angle of mathematical relationship, the painter’s eyes is a dimension relationship bound with fetters, and become the expression of all can follow one’s inclinations, between the “content” and “content”, not the gap distance, and a fixed trajectory, and in the principle of “not true”, in the grasp of the “abstract”, to establish the relationship between self and the world, established the Angle of art creation, starting point and vision; In huang teng hui the general theme of “rose”, is the heart of the carrier, and loses itself in the “sunshine” is a kind of feeling behind the implicit induction; In works of the painter, “sunshine” is everywhere, never directly.
Art, can only is a kind of virtual, a kind of oil painting reproductions imagination, a hypothesis, and it is the result of the artistic pursuit of forever, and eventually embodied in spirituality; We read huang teng hui painting, really feel the painter poetic mind, he loved the world, he loves all things life, his love and the people of the same kind, with expressive technique, perceptual vivid life forms, no sad life possible, led upward toward the “sunshine”, to “peace” and “quiet”, he created the dream and homes.
Huang teng hui’s painting art, does not belong to a particular category and style, it is an expression of life consciousness and a state of mind, he wants to do is, in the limited screen space, do you want to do, let the heart of the world and the real world harmony as one, and in his own way to give a answer about the world.
“Life without the sun and blue”, is our leisure theme “rose” series of aesthetic generalization, his grace and simplicity, elegance, and always coruscate gives “the present” one of the few noble temperament; Compared with our interpretation, the painter is more calm calm; He chose intuition feelings and calm “authenticity”; There, all be naive, all attributed to “sunshine”, no dark, no sad, his own works for people to pray for love and goodness.
“Rose”, in the leisure fai’s masterpiece oil painting art, is a symbol of cultural symbols, and we are here, it is the world eternal poetry, as well as in the inner world the true, the good person, the tireless pursuit of beauty.
Huang teng hui’s works, it shows that the pure conscience, the spirit of fraternity, simple beauty, it is one of the biggest art enrichment, and hence the art of beauty


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