Painter Zhong Gang “water” as a symbol of choice is standing on position of Chinese culture experience

Painter Zhong Gang “water” as a symbol of choice is standing on position of Chinese culture experience

the corresponding is the Chinese cultural discourse position and components of the contemporary art language. This not only need courage more in need of wisdom. Need “boldness” because today’s strong words in the west, many rules are in accordance with the western modernity to deduce the art of Chinese language, the dislocation and misreading never awareness by contemporary artists, and many young artists find themselves in the strength of the western discourse framework, closely to keep its word effectiveness losing position and concern for the reality of China. Is said to “wisdom”, must have a deeper study background, derived from the deep grasp of the Chinese culture of his art symbol, the Chinese cultural experience of symbols tolerance in modern western discourse, make the art symbol extends a new meaning and semantics, reflect and contemporary deeper problems, modernity also in them naturally. Zhong Gang this discourse position, make his paintings YiXiangXing symbol meaning of the “water” in appear unusual.
If the front from cultural said that the painter Zhong Gang “water” the body of the symbol meaning, so, Zhong Gang choose the elements of the “water” has the meaning of a layer of art ontology. Zhong Gang think: “modern people’s mind and soul, can not use ‘real’ to meet.” His “real” refers to the 19th century realism of the “real”. All too real, real. Does not have the space, both subject and form, the be clear at a glance, really too much. I understand Zhong Gang in his mind, and not deliberately not realistic, but too much of a “real” caught his vigilance, too filled with “real” and blocked the modern people’s field of vision and mind, so he is too “real” thing to remove.
Zhong Gang need is implicative, inside collect and subtle things to deconstruct the “real” things. Something that will be empty and clever, smart water meet Zhong Gang inner pursuit of ethereal and clever. Empty spirit thinking freedom to the person, imagine the elastic. Clever and elegant to the person, even have some sort of ubiquitous mystique. In order to achieve these intentions, also gradually clear the relationship between women and the water. Women itself is the symbol of water, which oil painting reproductions is in terms of semantic structure. As the artist’s expression, show everything women have more freedom. Everyone has a such experience, people can freely in the water to complete dynamic on land can’t think or do. The dynamics of land is of realistic significance, lost their mystique, the dynamic instant myriad freely in the water changes, see in the elegant clever, empty spirit in the free. In other words, the painter through “water” freedom of expression, to express fantasy and mystery through the interaction of people and water. Zhong Gang YiXiangXing treatment works of the two elements have their own characteristics.
A good painter know what to show what to hide, especially hinder their own thoughts or ideas express takes shelter outside elements. Of course cover not helpless. As level 78 sichuan academy of fine arts oil painting professional Zhong Gang, biro neutral, He Duoling, such as small as a teenager, jungle Chen level was 77, 78, the smallest of age. Although some foolish, but solid realistic modelling of kung fu and the ability to do very in position. I always thought that to use the best skills is to make people feel less than skill. “Sugar” this batch of work to be reflected implicitly Zhong Gang modelling ability to make people forget the existence of skills in casual, hidden behind the intentionality of the technique, one is in order to cover his understanding of “solid”, the second is that we provide YiXiangXing symbol interpretation to the picture. Images of the “water” is “nothing”, there is a kind of artistic conception of “the water is not”, when you look at the picture of the water and has communication, look at water, was promoted to the state of “the water is still water”. This YiXiangXing approach, only in communication, we will feel its fantastic authenticity. Therefore Zhong Gang is covered on the technique of realism that “real”. If it is a realistic method of dealing with “water” must be very realistic, emphasizes the visual sense of reality, is “signifier”. This is also the cultural logic of western oil painting language. And Zhong Gang in dealing with his “water”, the use of logic is the language of Chinese painting – YiXiangXing, is “mean”. We see China’s “water” in the landscape painting is the dynasties of song, yuan, Ming and qing YiXiangXing referring, Zhong Gang affected by potential here were revealed, and the wisdom of China’s “water” the internal logic of interlinked. It is not hard to see, Zhong Gang “covered” from technique level to culture level.
The expression of painter to YiXiangXing, in colour respect must abandon the “real” sex. So, here’s color is subjective, not objective, color here is vary with the spiritual temperament, rather than change along with the light on. That is the painter use of subjective color is trying to make is a heart like a vision, rather than the visual video. Sporadic brushwork and grey tonal constitutes the “water” image, and character strokes than water brush strokes to some “compact”, modelling ability inadvertently revealed in overall YiXiangXing, proper finished the heart like a “vision”. To my heart like according to the state of mind, “all things by heart”, is the picture of the mind, in the end point is the human spirit “mean”.
Zhong Gang language symbols in painting, is constructed in the development of Chinese culture, on the basis of logic and the western modernity context meet and embraces modernity, the work of contemporary significance. So, this is what custom oil painting I admire most about Zhong Gang reason this batch of works


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