Zhong Gang paintings “colourful pond”,talked about present situation of Chinese oil painting

Zhong Gang paintings “colourful pond”,talked about present situation of Chinese oil painting

, reminds me of the cultural experience and artistic context, feel have many words to say. One is the element in the oil painting language Zhong Gang caught my attention, 2 it is contemporary Chinese oil painting need to rebuild in the new cultural context of the contemporary oil painting.
Contemporary on-canvas itself is in the focus of a controversial, because it too has the nature of the traditional culture, so has been under; Because it has the temperament of the elite, so be deconstructed. And because there was a problem in modern art, under it is to know; Again because of the oil painting art in recent years, created the myth of “day price”, it is favored by people again.
Behind these questions lurk cultural experience and art context of the problem. Cultural experience and artistic context often is not unified, more time is in a state of contradictions. Cultural experience generally is the psychological pattern of history, this form affects people’s mental attitude and occurs in the form of art; Art context construction with the changes of The Times, make people’s cultural psychology often encounter new art context and adjust. Modernism and postmodernism discourse the contradiction between complexity and their own position, make the art context of the modern and post-modern art collision, and the emergence of a new art context. Whether an artist in the context of new insights and predictions in the evolution of the artistic direction and on this basis, set up their famous oil painting own artistic style and discourse, and in the context of the complicated contemporary shows a unique quality, the artists need to sound judgment and keen mental power.
Zhong Gang works shows this kind of ability and quality. Zhong Gang women subject is different from general subjects, general of female subject, usually pay attention to what is the picture contains, and Zhong Gang pays attention to the female subject is what’s the purpose. Nature of the “water” and “female” natural links, with unique perspective and understanding by the painter. Water is flexible, gentle, soft, in what form environment becomes what form, women seem to be born with this character. So, women are made of water. Zhong Gang images in addition to water and women no redundant elements, but the two elements in the subtleties of the Chinese culture experience. “Water”, in Chinese culture experience is one of the important cultural elements. Even the American scholar island also recognize that “the stream of water, natural springs, gives impermanence and the idea of continuous image.” [1] as a result, the cultural structure of experience in China, the water into the concept of the wisdom of representation. The Confucian “benevolent leshan, knower happy water” (” the analects of Confucius · harmony also “), “water” and “wise men”. “Benevolence” is the Confucian etiquette characterization, etiquette massiness, however, therefore, the “benevolent leshan. But wisdom is the characterization of thinkers, the thought is constantly changing and continuous activity characteristic, therefore “the wise water music”. Confucian thought wise in terms of habits, inner structure and water are the same, so the water as a wise man. Taoist “good if water. Water on the good things to injure, place of all evil, so a few in the way” (” the moral, the chapter 8, “), the “water” and “dao” directly link, compared to the “water” and “dao”. “Water” flexible and docile, seems to be all conform to the “inaction”, but “water” is “to” of “all things”. So, water is the “good things to injure” of “doing nothing and to” the spirit of “tao”. Therefore, the water “in dao”. By Chinese zen Buddhism has printed Wan Chuan “month”, the “water” and “zen” together. Zen, both in mahayana and theravada Epiphany and JianWu, is the wisdom of the emphasis on “understanding”. Zhu once relate zen Buddhism and science: “all things each has its way, and as a source…. shi’s cloud: ‘in January,pet portrait painting now all the water, all hidden’ taken in January.” (” zhuxi’s class volume 18 “) as a result, we see the “water” in the Chinese culture experience in the field is the symbol of wisdom and symbol


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