Calligraphy and painting market excessively hot hedge funds flow to low valuation oil painting market

Calligraphy and painting market excessively hot hedge funds flow to low valuation oil painting market

Now as in 2005 – the eve of the oil painting market jump, calligraphy and painting market excessively hot prompted some hedge funds flow to the low valuation of the oil painting market, so as to move the oil painting market rapid growth since 2006. After the round, the same situation in happening again, also just in the just-concluded kuang shi concentration in the spring. Clinch a deal (single items Numbers are dropping the hammer price)
Kuang shi from the highlight of a few big buyers with calligraphy and painting has a link of all kinds. The first is the majority shareholder of kuang shi liu, rely on a qi baishi in calligraphy and painting market successfully realized liu has been in the oil painting market of the season into the $2, but not pay for a piece of Chinese painting. In our company, liu and wang wei is not the biggest buyer, is accurate to buy typical. Wang wei 1.15 million scored Zhou Bichu at the scene of the Bali girl; 3.6 million the hammer Fang Junbi pye roughly; Ding yanyong of 1.1 million portrait of ms Meng Xia “and 500000 Ding Zhengxian” walls “and so on. Liu through an authorized bought 280 Wan Fangjun choi “peach dress girl”. Among them, the Bali girl is Zhou Bichu rare figure paintings; Fang Junbi’s pye roughly at the beginning of the preview was the son of the painter girl is the daughter of wang ching-wei, points out that the picture is the portrait of “princess” of the republic of China; With just 4 million clinch a deal in sincere ding yanyong “ladies and horse”, “ms Meng Xia portrait is content value.
“Sing” liu also drive the custom oil painting market friends play, one of the biggest buyer is liu friend tm. As an antique collector, “the newcomer” tm 3 million scored institute of the Shanghai port, and under the special poly wu guanzhong of driver, 45 million win as the representative work of wu guanzhong garden series “WangShiYuan”.
Shanghai day scale auction Chen Yu background of buyers is also a representative calligraphy and painting, to the main works of sanyu “music leg horse” under the positive role of sanyu breakthrough, for 13.5 million, with this price with this Chen Yu appears very excited. In addition, he also bought zhou chunya “redstone in taihu lake, 180 hammer, and the same price of Yin” utopia “. This another high-profile participants is jing hua auction boss Cao Xiangdong, as senior calligraphy and painting collectors, he is also a season to a member of the oil painting market main body, kuang shi is a more important target in the main competitors.
Do their homework before take xu works of “new English calligraphy in yanan literature and art symposium on MAO zedong’s speech” 9 million hammer to a Beijing collectors, it is understood that he is not only an antique large collector, is also a senior xu collectors. And a bite is a MoMA collection from the Hong Kong member of the committee.
Has always been to the old painting is done advocate dozen kuang shi, this season’s sketch special turnover of 8.54 million yuan, sell-through rate 75.95%; Special oil painting sculpture turnover is 150 million yuan, a sell-through rate of 70%. YouYong kuang shi vice President, said the old painting plates will be as the main direction of kuang shi, from this a look, uniqueness and delicate appearance of the old custom oil painting is bound to be sought after by collectors, but current prices are still low, the future there will be greater


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