Chinese and western painting combining with question of how to innovate oil painting foreign painting type

Chinese and western painting combining with question of how to innovate oil painting foreign painting type

In the 21st century, Chinese painting, have indeed few people to talk about the combination and how to reform the innovation between Chinese and western painting and oil painting the foreign painting type of problem.
In the evolution of more than one hundred years, in the generations of Chinese oil painting artist in the struggle, the Chinese oil painting has walked out of the oil painting nationalization of bottleneck state, a lot of oil painting modelling and color processing language has been our tolerance, like original buddhist culture was introduced into China, today’s oil painting art has been turned into an important cornerstone of China’s cultural pyramid. Not only “introduces” is already a fact, but also “east west” has become a trend.
The foreign product of Chinese oil painting has not only completed the start-up period of the historical mission, and, as a completely independent Chinese new art has gradually entered mature period. In this full of art, to produce a batch of clear, clear the painter of artistic language, artistic pursuit of tianjin Guo Fengxiang is one of them.
His boyhood in oil painting is the absence of the teacher learning, he study in academy is a professional print, after graduation he teaching for 21 years, after work in tianjin artists association, he is there for tianjin oil painting and strive to secure a position in the whole country. On the way of art, Guo Fengxiang play different roles, the only constant is his obsession with oil painting art.
Guo Fengxiang paintings depicting the landscape, in spring, summer, autumn and winter as the background, conception, painted in all aspects. In his works, spring, summer, autumn and winter mountain, water, flowers, trees, paint to get incisively and vividly, lifelike.
Art creativity is unique, distinctive, Guo Fengxiang oil portrait painting is the subject, new perspective, the success of the artistic conception is pure and fresh. The novel and chic, scenery picture composing in ordinary highlights the theme of the extraordinary feature, can let the viewer carefully taste and feelings of human nature make natural harmonious beauty. Stroke width slightly, smooth, freely; Scene transition and cohesion, smooth nature; Color clear, dim and its use, harmony, alternately successfully apply colours to a drawing and create works of different oil portrait atmosphere of elegant, quiet, cold, more clearly highlight the message of the works and the conception. So as to achieve more realistic, more rich three-dimensional perspective of artistic effect. Let viewers like the scene, as if place oneself among them, the stereoscopic feeling


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