Li Songsong paintings in form of a unique language represents a historic moment

Li Songsong paintings in form of a unique language represents a historic moment

As one of the hottest young contemporary artists in China, Li Songsong paintings in the form of a unique language describes the historical moments, giving the viewer with calm simple brush a review the history of the platform. An important tendency of Chinese contemporary art is the constant rebellion and understanding of its culture development, Li Songsong in big brush strokes, disconnection of the oil painting language, follow to the new meaning and interpretation of history. He will age under the vision of individual comprehension and reflection with unique color visual presentation, advocate for understanding the extraordinary martell, becoming the 2011 annual “martell special artistic characters.
In Li Songsong works, revealed his rational insight on history and culture behind, at the same time, he consciously put itself in the distance, left to the viewer an independent space to think. Painting themes based on photography, film clips and historical events, through strong pigment spiral twist and stack, and divided the whole into colorful squares, break the visual experience of People’s Daily, Li Songsong of unique visual expression. And through the medium of painting express, is also a artist perception of social and ideological unique. He blurred writing down all the irrelevant details, leaving only a few key clues for the viewer “roadmap”. Color rendering and schema of the narrative structure, dug up to review the unique Angle of view of history, with the relevance and significance of personalization.
In order to “visual logic” the creation concept of infinite expansion, Li Songsong insurance capture force and has a fine art attitude to life itself continuously explore. He is good at capturing those sensitive but extremely representative historical moments, and optional cut its deformation. Black and white and color images, hierarchy and bearing the weight of the order of a solid color, built the extraordinary sense of shock. As recent medal, character expression of the abstract, and the picture of the overall artistic conception is in details and extensive writing sublimation. Another novel “long live the revolution”, the picture attached aluminum custom oil painting plate appear even the reflective metal and silver grey color, with the surrounding environment of mutual reflections. Those heavy brush strokes and ruggedly line, is the visual impact of brought like violence aesthetics.
Li Songsong of historical memory is not only the performance of detachment, but contains the knowledge and experience, interpretation, it points to is not in the past, and it is the here and now. He have the courage to break through the bondage of traditional concept through replication and of historical narrative again, with the most direct, the most simple, is the most powerful way, from the history of the late specific also originally true self again. Li Songsong, he brings us not only in sensual pleasure palace oil painting reproductions , but also for the Chinese contemporary artists “moral sense and sense of responsibility to return to” the spirit of deep thinking


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