Review Li Mu remote oil painting figure is not same wonderful traditional 24 filial piety

Review Li Mu remote oil painting figure is not same wonderful traditional 24 filial piety

Each of us in moving forward, can have so a person back. Li Mu intellectual female painter, a fashionable woman meditate on the draw up the traditional 24 filial piety. When I saw her complete lifelike images, is shocked, completely is a classic, modern and ancient, fashion and the perfect combination of western and Oriental art. Li Mu remote Li Mu is remote, the traditional Chinese culture in her drawing after the innovation, let a person find everything new and fresh.
Archaism cloud: “one hundred lines of filial first”, “filial piety”, this also. Filial piety is advocated in Buddhism and Taoism, is also the core of Confucian ethics thought, is one thousand years to China to keep the relationship of family social moral principles and is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Surnamed guo yuan dynasty scholar (the story of the ancient twenty-four filial son, into “twenty-four filial piety”, become the pulps advocating filial piety. 24 filial piety is backward, and unreasonable content, but as the spirit of the XiaoQin is worth reference. With a comprehensive expression of Chinese traditional painting is the Mr Chen Shaomei twice (1938, 1950) map 24 filial piety, argues Mr, filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, should be carried forward. In an auction at the end of 2003, 24 filial piety Chen Shaomei first figure is a Hong Kong people to 5.61 million yuan. Visible, of which the value of in people’s minds. Mr Chen Shaomei 24 filial piety has reached to the perfection of traditional baiban (painting subject matter. Later still have a lot of the traditional Chinese painting master map over 24 filial piety, each have each wonderful.
Li Mu, beginning a new, she map twenty of filial piety is having a unique style. She used the “spring” inherent style with canvas, paints and become, with predecessors in painting paper map.
The ancients thought, son figure of subjects, as the ethical enlightenment sex too strong, often does not enter the reward, and even “fail to see the figure, the heart has been disgusted. What is its? Cover laws should be oil painting about life, entertainment of matter of the painting is yan spare sent sex”. Success to this kind of work, even to “art wonderful commensurate with character how, since moving to the”, looks like painting a person’s character that nots allow to ignore.
“Spring” is not similar to the spirit likeness, not strict adherence mass aesthetic requirements, no longer care about representation, the truth of nature by painting to show elegance, XianQingYiCu, emphasizes the unity of the character painting article, formed the unique style of painting. This is our country ancient many outstanding painter eight mountain man, yangzhou eight eccentrics, Ren Bonian and fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, painting style, used their painting is not necessarily true, but also could not imitate anyone they draw the essence of! Li Mu drawn away twenty filial piety is adopted the wholesale oil painting style, her unique style of “spring” is also unable to imitate others


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