Chinese artist paintings reveal sun yat-sen’s birthplace of belonging

Chinese artist paintings reveal sun yat-sen’s birthplace of belonging

On July 2, from the United States in Houston, a famous Chinese painter Wang Xinsheng major exhibition of the grand opening today art museum in Beijing. In his sun yat-sen’s series of paintings, there is a creation of the image at the beginning of 2011 oil painting “, sun yat-sen Hawaii dawn “conspicuous. Painting, is the young sun yat-sen, travel on British manufacturing of teh number (SS Grannock) steam ship, came to the later became the U.S. territory of Hawaii. Visible in the distance of Hawaii’s famous diamond hill and Waikiki Beach (Waikiki Beach). Painters use special picture in assaying technique, image, the artist heart projection to the canvas, to form a beautiful picture, fill paint with hazy and strength, to blur, ishmael. Young sun yat-sen high-spirited, confidence in the future, the sky loomed the sunrise, the significance of the Chinese nation the dawn is coming.
Didn’t expect the pure art behavior depict a teenager has become the Pacific ownership of an ownership dispute. China believes that sun yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866, zhongshan county, guangdong province, tsui, is Chinese. While the us claim that sun yat-sen was American, can free access to the port. And in the middle of the Pacific’s native Hawaiian and determination and sun yat-sen, was born in Hawaii. Honolulu city has passed a bill, announced in 2011 for “sun”.
Sun yat-sen was born in Hawaii have American citizenship
Sun yat-sen’s life problem caused heated debate all over the world at present, therefore, the reporter interviewed collector Fang Tao in North America. Fang Tao graduated from tsinghua university, who lived in Hawaii for many years, his great-grandfather Yang Yisan is sun yat-sen’s eldest brother Sun Mei bay in guangzhou to zhanjiang (now) in the development of the first union members, for the sales and so on six southwest frontier armed uprising of raising money. Sun Mei bay in guangzhou during the revolutionary activities to stay at his great-grandfather Yang Yisan shops. Sun sun fo the son is mine to his great-grandfather Yang Yisan inscription “hill high water is long. Fang Tao with sun yat-sen’s granddaughter Sun Suifang for alumni of the university of Hawaii. Due to the family of origin, Fang Tao have a good study of sun yat-sen’s overseas activities, and collect a lot of sun yat-sen little-known historical data.
Fang Tao said on both sides of the textbook, all think that sun yat-sen was born in guangdong, never mention sun yat-sen was born in Hawaii and has American citizenship. Sun yat-sen in his calligraphy book wrote: “thirteen years old with mother went to Hawaii, beginning see round boat, of the sea of broad, naturally has longed for the heart of the western, poor think of heaven and earth.”custom oil painting Sun yat-sen in Hawaii had improved the motherland and to save the people from the idea of suffering, to lay the foundation for the future to overthrow qing dynasty.
Fang Tao pointed out that Hawaii is similar to the British constitutional monarchy, the government’s independent kingdom in 1898 to become the us territory (annexation). When Hawaii became the Territory of the United States in 1900 (when the Territory of Hawaii), April 30, the U.S. government passed a law, that on August 12, 1898, the day is citizen of Hawaii, is a citizen of the United States. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959, that’s another story.
Fang Tao presented the preservation in the United States citizenship and immigration services to the reporter sun yat-sen no.25 birth certificate file copy of the statement. On March 8, 1904, sun yat-sen to apply for a passport, birth certificate and the United States declared that he was born in Hawaii, along with his father to China at the age of 4. Statement with sun yat-sen’s autograph, photographs, and certification of Hawaii’s secretary. Statement translation is as follows:
“I, sun yat-sen, solemnly sworn statement, according to the fact that I know, I was on November 24, 1870 in the love of Oahu (Oahu) tile area (Ewa) m (Waimano) was born. I am a doctor, now in Maui (Maui) practice. I live in Mr Khoja (Kula). My father is a sun, go back to China around the year of 1874, about eight years later died in oil painting China. This affidavit to explain my identity and further confirmed that I was born in Hawaii. Attached photos are my recent photos.


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