Pakistani prime minister to follow Mr Obama sent oil painting improper country gift to provoke criticism

Pakistani prime minister to follow Mr Obama sent oil painting improper country gift to provoke criticism

International intercourse reciprocity, it is very important to give each other a gift is just one example, but choose a chic and appropriate gift will be far from an easy proposition. According to England “daily mail” website reported on July 2, is currently the UK visit Pakistan’s President asif ali zardari to prime minister Cameron’s gift is a picture of a photo copy since the couple with the youngest daughter of oil painting, this caused the widespread media criticism.
This photo was taken in August last year, when the couple on the steps of 10 downing street newborn daughter Florence will be introduced to the outside world. Critics said that with the help of the computer, since the photo copy of oil painting takes a day can be made. Others jokingly Cameron reaction: after the receipt of the gift will be where to hang the expensive ritual and worry, might hang it in the downstairs bathroom.
The painting is obviously not a “proper” national gift, while US President barack Obama seems to be partly responsible for this matter. Last July, when Mr Obama’s visit to the UK, who gave Mr Cameron a out of print, oil painting, and also brought a few small gifts for the children of the Cameron. To follow the example of Obama giving Mr Zardari clearly didn’t grasp the essence of it.
In fact, the head of state to send the wrong country gift too, Mr Obama has therefore been embarrassing. In 2009, the then British prime minister Gordon brown visited the White House, Mr Obama will be a fine Hollywood movies DVDS, brown as a gift. High-spirited brown was about to watch after returning oil painting for sale home, only to find that due to the area code limits, the disc can only play in North America


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