The greatest racing famous oil painting oil painting clap a 36 million dollars

The greatest racing famous oil painting oil painting clap a 36 million dollars

“Gimcrack and a coach is a groom a jockey in Newmarket Heath” is the works of George starr booth 1765
On July 6, classic oil paintings in Christie’s London evening auction, one thing you are looking forward to for a long time did not disappoint, the works of this artist George starr booth (George Stubbs) a picture of a horse racing oil painting for $36 million (22.4 million pounds), the price of this price broke the artist ever recorded. At the same time, the price also became a classic oil paintings take a price was third.
Picture contains two scenes, on the right is the ongoing racing game, on the left is a jockey and groom three people and a horse, the horse’s body portrayed with interesting, every muscle bones all look almost perfect.
This work has a long title, called “Gimcrack and a coach a groom a jockey in Newmarket Heath”, is the history of George tower booth 1765. This painting prior estimate is $20 million, is a rare classical famous oil painting, is also one of the greatest works of horse racing history tower booth.
Christie’s senior expert John Stainton said: “the work of the composition is very bold, there are two scenes in a painting is unusual, but integral feeling is impressive. There is no doubt that this is the most important paintings, Stubbs is his greatest works of horse racing. The picture looks like a smooth surface, the overall quality of classic.”
Before the auction, Christie’s, experts say, if the price of it will eventually more than 20 million pounds, it will likely to take the top five classic oil painting price, because at that time, was ranked fifth Rembrandt portrait of the very different Akimbo “, the price is 20.2 million pounds, but I didn’t expect that the auction results better than imagined, it works as the price of the first three. Now, take a classic oil painting price is The highest Rubens The 2-year-old of The Innocents, The work in 2002 to 49.5 million pounds


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