The combination of weathering and create – see Ma Zhiming painting book

The combination of weathering and create – see Ma Zhiming painting book

Two years ago, I had written xiaowen pointed out: “Ma Zhiming chose the traces by means of reproduction of the natural weathering to reflect on the restrictive road of materialistic civilization.” In the painting of the time, northwest cave of the image is visible, they are imitation of the loess plateau desertification and weathering effect of oil paints and shaping cream repeatedly daub, originally like cave became vague and abstract, and increasingly become independent color and brush strokes and texture visual language elements. After two years, there has been a new Ma Zhiming a batch of works, he is called “past life”, the overall appearance than ever before there are a lot of changes, which have been revealed the interest of a marked difference.
First of all, the original composite material layer upon layer containing shaping cream daub is made, in order to imitate and weathering of the special geographical environment landscape of psychological effect, and now the artist pursuit of thick skin texture effect, service is no longer constrained by the specific geographic and scenery. New image, it’s hard to match a specific geographical environment, now not so much the artist is to find a kind of expression of specific area landscape techniques, rather to express their chests are more high and more natural and psychological feeling of home.
Was on the second, new book cover, daub and painted rocks, trees and houses, both on the outline and details are classified in large quantities, trade-offs, and simplify, slightly clear object and a face are intertwined and overlapping of fuzzy, even the picture of the overall image among the such effect, by the fine detail such as hemp release again repeatedly described. So, increasing the audience to the imagination, more convey artist and homes close to nature, have feelings.
Again, the visual effect of weathering as expresses an inner to imagine an important means of spiritual homeland, also got a new oil painting picture on the proof of use of color. By artists painted boldly into the sky red or black, xuan and residual like mountains earth hummock and residence have been given a golden color. After the strong contrast, makes people feel like chu his profound historical background. This is not only the artist will be in sight of dialogue with the history, but also the artist of the nature and the reality in the deep heart’s core an interpretation of the history and culture level.
Finally, if two or three years ago to northwest cave artists, weathering images associated with his former life experience, and his face highly developed industrial civilization and materialism of the negative effect on the human nature, so, now, when facing the Ma Zhiming new, as the spirit of oil painting reproductions color sense of history and culture make us believe that he is not from the depiction of natural scenery to the power your ivory tower not the present. In fact, he in the home to establish their own vision, which began in the specific nature and origin of history and traditional culture, but ultimately present in the modern era.
Ma Zhiming in few years the use of the “native”, “memory”, “image” and “past” and so on words to name his creation, seems to have to escape reality, longed for to the ancients regrets, and I’d prefer to see his creation as a knowledge of the artists in the face of the present predicament of the development of a sober and taken, the result is a screen image in these new changes. In a word, Ma Zhiming new work to simulate weathering became an independent language expression, begin to construct their own spiritual home of inner vision


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