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The combination of weathering and create – see Ma Zhiming painting book

The combination of weathering and create – see Ma Zhiming painting book

Two years ago, I had written xiaowen pointed out: “Ma Zhiming chose the traces by means of reproduction of the natural weathering to reflect on the restrictive road of materialistic civilization.” In the painting of the time, northwest cave of the image is visible, they are imitation of the loess plateau desertification and weathering effect of oil paints and shaping cream repeatedly daub, originally like cave became vague and abstract, and increasingly become independent color and brush strokes and texture visual language elements. After two years, there has been a new Ma Zhiming a batch of works, he is called “past life”, the overall appearance than ever before there are a lot of changes, which have been revealed the interest of a marked difference.
First of all, the original composite material layer upon layer containing shaping cream daub is made, in order to imitate and weathering of the special geographical environment landscape of psychological effect, and now the artist pursuit of thick skin texture effect, service is no longer constrained by the specific geographic and scenery. New image, it’s hard to match a specific geographical environment, now not so much the artist is to find a kind of expression of specific area landscape techniques, rather to express their chests are more high and more natural and psychological feeling of home.
Was on the second, new book cover, daub and painted rocks, trees and houses, both on the outline and details are classified in large quantities, trade-offs, and simplify, slightly clear object and a face are intertwined and overlapping of fuzzy, even the picture of the overall image among the such effect, by the fine detail such as hemp release again repeatedly described. So, increasing the audience to the imagination, more convey artist and homes close to nature, have feelings.
Again, the visual effect of weathering as expresses an inner to imagine an important means of spiritual homeland, also got a new oil painting picture on the proof of use of color. By artists painted boldly into the sky red or black, xuan and residual like mountains earth hummock and residence have been given a golden color. After the strong contrast, makes people feel like chu his profound historical background. This is not only the artist will be in sight of dialogue with the history, but also the artist of the nature and the reality in the deep heart’s core an interpretation of the history and culture level.
Finally, if two or three years ago to northwest cave artists, weathering images associated with his former life experience, and his face highly developed industrial civilization and materialism of the negative effect on the human nature, so, now, when facing the Ma Zhiming new, as the spirit of oil painting reproductions color sense of history and culture make us believe that he is not from the depiction of natural scenery to the power your ivory tower not the present. In fact, he in the home to establish their own vision, which began in the specific nature and origin of history and traditional culture, but ultimately present in the modern era.
Ma Zhiming in few years the use of the “native”, “memory”, “image” and “past” and so on words to name his creation, seems to have to escape reality, longed for to the ancients regrets, and I’d prefer to see his creation as a knowledge of the artists in the face of the present predicament of the development of a sober and taken, the result is a screen image in these new changes. In a word, Ma Zhiming new work to simulate weathering became an independent language expression, begin to construct their own spiritual home of inner vision

The greatest racing famous oil painting oil painting clap a 36 million dollars

The greatest racing famous oil painting oil painting clap a 36 million dollars

“Gimcrack and a coach is a groom a jockey in Newmarket Heath” is the works of George starr booth 1765
On July 6, classic oil paintings in Christie’s London evening auction, one thing you are looking forward to for a long time did not disappoint, the works of this artist George starr booth (George Stubbs) a picture of a horse racing oil painting for $36 million (22.4 million pounds), the price of this price broke the artist ever recorded. At the same time, the price also became a classic oil paintings take a price was third.
Picture contains two scenes, on the right is the ongoing racing game, on the left is a jockey and groom three people and a horse, the horse’s body portrayed with interesting, every muscle bones all look almost perfect.
This work has a long title, called “Gimcrack and a coach a groom a jockey in Newmarket Heath”, is the history of George tower booth 1765. This painting prior estimate is $20 million, is a rare classical famous oil painting, is also one of the greatest works of horse racing history tower booth.
Christie’s senior expert John Stainton said: “the work of the composition is very bold, there are two scenes in a painting is unusual, but integral feeling is impressive. There is no doubt that this is the most important paintings, Stubbs is his greatest works of horse racing. The picture looks like a smooth surface, the overall quality of classic.”
Before the auction, Christie’s, experts say, if the price of it will eventually more than 20 million pounds, it will likely to take the top five classic oil painting price, because at that time, was ranked fifth Rembrandt portrait of the very different Akimbo “, the price is 20.2 million pounds, but I didn’t expect that the auction results better than imagined, it works as the price of the first three. Now, take a classic oil painting price is The highest Rubens The 2-year-old of The Innocents, The work in 2002 to 49.5 million pounds

Chinese artist paintings reveal sun yat-sen’s birthplace of belonging

Chinese artist paintings reveal sun yat-sen’s birthplace of belonging

On July 2, from the United States in Houston, a famous Chinese painter Wang Xinsheng major exhibition of the grand opening today art museum in Beijing. In his sun yat-sen’s series of paintings, there is a creation of the image at the beginning of 2011 oil painting “, sun yat-sen Hawaii dawn “conspicuous. Painting, is the young sun yat-sen, travel on British manufacturing of teh number (SS Grannock) steam ship, came to the later became the U.S. territory of Hawaii. Visible in the distance of Hawaii’s famous diamond hill and Waikiki Beach (Waikiki Beach). Painters use special picture in assaying technique, image, the artist heart projection to the canvas, to form a beautiful picture, fill paint with hazy and strength, to blur, ishmael. Young sun yat-sen high-spirited, confidence in the future, the sky loomed the sunrise, the significance of the Chinese nation the dawn is coming.
Didn’t expect the pure art behavior depict a teenager has become the Pacific ownership of an ownership dispute. China believes that sun yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866, zhongshan county, guangdong province, tsui, is Chinese. While the us claim that sun yat-sen was American, can free access to the port. And in the middle of the Pacific’s native Hawaiian and determination and sun yat-sen, was born in Hawaii. Honolulu city has passed a bill, announced in 2011 for “sun”.
Sun yat-sen was born in Hawaii have American citizenship
Sun yat-sen’s life problem caused heated debate all over the world at present, therefore, the reporter interviewed collector Fang Tao in North America. Fang Tao graduated from tsinghua university, who lived in Hawaii for many years, his great-grandfather Yang Yisan is sun yat-sen’s eldest brother Sun Mei bay in guangzhou to zhanjiang (now) in the development of the first union members, for the sales and so on six southwest frontier armed uprising of raising money. Sun Mei bay in guangzhou during the revolutionary activities to stay at his great-grandfather Yang Yisan shops. Sun sun fo the son is mine to his great-grandfather Yang Yisan inscription “hill high water is long. Fang Tao with sun yat-sen’s granddaughter Sun Suifang for alumni of the university of Hawaii. Due to the family of origin, Fang Tao have a good study of sun yat-sen’s overseas activities, and collect a lot of sun yat-sen little-known historical data.
Fang Tao said on both sides of the textbook, all think that sun yat-sen was born in guangdong, never mention sun yat-sen was born in Hawaii and has American citizenship. Sun yat-sen in his calligraphy book wrote: “thirteen years old with mother went to Hawaii, beginning see round boat, of the sea of broad, naturally has longed for the heart of the western, poor think of heaven and earth.”custom oil painting Sun yat-sen in Hawaii had improved the motherland and to save the people from the idea of suffering, to lay the foundation for the future to overthrow qing dynasty.
Fang Tao pointed out that Hawaii is similar to the British constitutional monarchy, the government’s independent kingdom in 1898 to become the us territory (annexation). When Hawaii became the Territory of the United States in 1900 (when the Territory of Hawaii), April 30, the U.S. government passed a law, that on August 12, 1898, the day is citizen of Hawaii, is a citizen of the United States. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959, that’s another story.
Fang Tao presented the preservation in the United States citizenship and immigration services to the reporter sun yat-sen no.25 birth certificate file copy of the statement. On March 8, 1904, sun yat-sen to apply for a passport, birth certificate and the United States declared that he was born in Hawaii, along with his father to China at the age of 4. Statement with sun yat-sen’s autograph, photographs, and certification of Hawaii’s secretary. Statement translation is as follows:
“I, sun yat-sen, solemnly sworn statement, according to the fact that I know, I was on November 24, 1870 in the love of Oahu (Oahu) tile area (Ewa) m (Waimano) was born. I am a doctor, now in Maui (Maui) practice. I live in Mr Khoja (Kula). My father is a sun, go back to China around the year of 1874, about eight years later died in oil painting China. This affidavit to explain my identity and further confirmed that I was born in Hawaii. Attached photos are my recent photos.

Pakistani prime minister to follow Mr Obama sent oil painting improper country gift to provoke criticism

Pakistani prime minister to follow Mr Obama sent oil painting improper country gift to provoke criticism

International intercourse reciprocity, it is very important to give each other a gift is just one example, but choose a chic and appropriate gift will be far from an easy proposition. According to England “daily mail” website reported on July 2, is currently the UK visit Pakistan’s President asif ali zardari to prime minister Cameron’s gift is a picture of a photo copy since the couple with the youngest daughter of oil painting, this caused the widespread media criticism.
This photo was taken in August last year, when the couple on the steps of 10 downing street newborn daughter Florence will be introduced to the outside world. Critics said that with the help of the computer, since the photo copy of oil painting takes a day can be made. Others jokingly Cameron reaction: after the receipt of the gift will be where to hang the expensive ritual and worry, might hang it in the downstairs bathroom.
The painting is obviously not a “proper” national gift, while US President barack Obama seems to be partly responsible for this matter. Last July, when Mr Obama’s visit to the UK, who gave Mr Cameron a out of print, oil painting, and also brought a few small gifts for the children of the Cameron. To follow the example of Obama giving Mr Zardari clearly didn’t grasp the essence of it.
In fact, the head of state to send the wrong country gift too, Mr Obama has therefore been embarrassing. In 2009, the then British prime minister Gordon brown visited the White House, Mr Obama will be a fine Hollywood movies DVDS, brown as a gift. High-spirited brown was about to watch after returning oil painting for sale home, only to find that due to the area code limits, the disc can only play in North America

Characteristics of era of digital art:new developing trend of modern oil painting

Characteristics of era of digital art:new developing trend of modern oil painting

Undoubtedly, we live in a more and more to “see” and “hear” culture as the leading factor in the digital age. So-called digital age, is accompanied by rapid progress in science and technology, in the process of large-scale urbanization, the emergence of new urban lifestyle and interactions changed in the past people watch and visual presentation, with activity image, still image and virtual image to “see” “hear” culture, dominated our lives, controlling our thinking. A nots allow to ignore the reality is that the proportion of composition of visual images in contemporary culture more and more high. “Seeing” “hear” the new culture, emphasize novelty, speed, stimulation, covet sensation effect, it is no longer like traditional culture form allows the audience experience reading slowly and continuously make speed, it is the speed force to the audience, and present a strong “one-way”, so it not only can not lead to the purification of the mind and the cognition of things fully understand, more is shaken our tradition of “real” cognitive standard. In essence, this kind of visual culture in digital era, its origin is due to the political or business of all sorts of ideology, is a new rise of mass culture. It is the result of the development of capitalist cultural logic, is also stressed self centered “modernism” the result of continuous development.
To participate in “jianghan stars artists after the exhibition plan – 70 – from landscape to the humanities landscape” exhibition of 10 young portrait painting artists, the digital age is part of such a cultural reality of the scene, they with sensitive force on the contemporary culture and judgment, starting from their respective ecological experience and visual experience, hope in the digital age to find a suitable for contemporary living experience and the expression of Chinese visual experience, and have rekindle the passion of the easel painting, which expresses the generation in the face of the reality of the society culture position and attitude. Their visual style reflects the following common to one another, one, and self-centered; Second, emphasize the virtual experience of virtual scene; Third, cold and cool and games. In order to restore the contemporary social and cultural reality of human beings, between human and nature, man and society.
A, self-centered
Artist self-centered, the motif and will be dressed up as art itself should be traced back to the realism in the representative of fang lijun, yue minjun, focus on self image and processing has become the main current art of the era, funny and exaggerated deformation of the generation of superficial, boredom, depression, depression, hesitation and anxiety and despair of reality show incisively and vividly, there are still several questions and depth of meaning pattern, time and history has to be decided this generation to become so. And generation, the younger generation of artists, while also in around the “self” in narrative, but the self is not a lack of vitality of the false, but the real social reality in a true self, or a magnifying self, is a from macro narration to micro statement, self survival experience in carding daily in the visual experience of reality and the present, the self is more full of romantic, more wonderful, perfect, more idolization of remodeling. This extreme fascination of self, both show this generation to the dreams of the future with confidence, more let them on the spiritual dimension of narcissistic tendencies revealed. Their “true feelings” has been replacement by substitute for emotional feelings pieces, their emotional expression in contemporary life scenes, the paint is not always a certain specific events, but they are countless times repeat fragments of life and experience. Their narrative imagery does not lie in the objects of everyday life, but in the contemporary life behavior related behavior.
Second, the virtual experience of virtual scene
With the digital age grow up a generation of youth, watching cartoon, listen to the karaoke, animation games, appreciate science fiction, etc., it constitutes the common experience and experience of growing up, they also gave them with boundless imagination. In the virtual scene, a variety of fantasy, stimulation, the paranormal, XuanJi, stories of virtual and actual, secular, in the future, the past, the history of the ghosts god beast with the conflict between magic, spatio-temporal crisscross the visual surprise and eerily visual impact, not only allows you to create the beauty of a thriller, more let you enjoy the pleasure of a refined extraordinary, through to accommodate to irrelevant, permeating the imagination without restraint, let us see the real life in the virtual scene bring their creative thinking of problem. In fact, in this generation’s way of thinking, is a false utopian spirit realm, where they can open the wings of the ideal, bold and unrestrained their passion, their thoughts, more can let enlarge their imagination, in the virtual landscape, they imagined myself omnipotent, gets, and their creation is not actually in song virtual aesthetic feeling of virtual reality as own duty, but in the real scene and the reality between concrete images, otherwise attempt to seek a judgment and thinking.
Third, cold and cool and games
Who says youth is not cruel, in fact the youth was cruel, cruel has been growing up with the youth, youth is fleeting, you want to hold, but always can’t catch it. Trance between, let a person ACTS born with nothing. Adolescent agitation, crazy, adventure, indulge in the narrative logic of young generation artists, has been replaced by easy humor and playful way. Psychological game with experience in their paintings, they abandoned the heavy fragments of the history of chewing, unload the ideal of a heavy burden, but there is no choice and pushed them into the digital age, mechanical copy and XuanLiang flashes and beautiful extremely luxurious consumption society, they meet the extreme materialistic, feel the diaphragm and the family of indifference. They followed the feeling, while flying in crazy and hand painted oil painting indulge themselves, and the cold and cool as they pursue, in order to express their feelings and youth life reality

Review Li Mu remote oil painting figure is not same wonderful traditional 24 filial piety

Review Li Mu remote oil painting figure is not same wonderful traditional 24 filial piety

Each of us in moving forward, can have so a person back. Li Mu intellectual female painter, a fashionable woman meditate on the draw up the traditional 24 filial piety. When I saw her complete lifelike images, is shocked, completely is a classic, modern and ancient, fashion and the perfect combination of western and Oriental art. Li Mu remote Li Mu is remote, the traditional Chinese culture in her drawing after the innovation, let a person find everything new and fresh.
Archaism cloud: “one hundred lines of filial first”, “filial piety”, this also. Filial piety is advocated in Buddhism and Taoism, is also the core of Confucian ethics thought, is one thousand years to China to keep the relationship of family social moral principles and is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Surnamed guo yuan dynasty scholar (the story of the ancient twenty-four filial son, into “twenty-four filial piety”, become the pulps advocating filial piety. 24 filial piety is backward, and unreasonable content, but as the spirit of the XiaoQin is worth reference. With a comprehensive expression of Chinese traditional painting is the Mr Chen Shaomei twice (1938, 1950) map 24 filial piety, argues Mr, filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, should be carried forward. In an auction at the end of 2003, 24 filial piety Chen Shaomei first figure is a Hong Kong people to 5.61 million yuan. Visible, of which the value of in people’s minds. Mr Chen Shaomei 24 filial piety has reached to the perfection of traditional baiban (painting subject matter. Later still have a lot of the traditional Chinese painting master map over 24 filial piety, each have each wonderful.
Li Mu, beginning a new, she map twenty of filial piety is having a unique style. She used the “spring” inherent style with canvas, paints and become, with predecessors in painting paper map.
The ancients thought, son figure of subjects, as the ethical enlightenment sex too strong, often does not enter the reward, and even “fail to see the figure, the heart has been disgusted. What is its? Cover laws should be oil painting about life, entertainment of matter of the painting is yan spare sent sex”. Success to this kind of work, even to “art wonderful commensurate with character how, since moving to the”, looks like painting a person’s character that nots allow to ignore.
“Spring” is not similar to the spirit likeness, not strict adherence mass aesthetic requirements, no longer care about representation, the truth of nature by painting to show elegance, XianQingYiCu, emphasizes the unity of the character painting article, formed the unique style of painting. This is our country ancient many outstanding painter eight mountain man, yangzhou eight eccentrics, Ren Bonian and fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, painting style, used their painting is not necessarily true, but also could not imitate anyone they draw the essence of! Li Mu drawn away twenty filial piety is adopted the wholesale oil painting style, her unique style of “spring” is also unable to imitate others

Chinese and western painting combining with question of how to innovate oil painting foreign painting type

Chinese and western painting combining with question of how to innovate oil painting foreign painting type

In the 21st century, Chinese painting, have indeed few people to talk about the combination and how to reform the innovation between Chinese and western painting and oil painting the foreign painting type of problem.
In the evolution of more than one hundred years, in the generations of Chinese oil painting artist in the struggle, the Chinese oil painting has walked out of the oil painting nationalization of bottleneck state, a lot of oil painting modelling and color processing language has been our tolerance, like original buddhist culture was introduced into China, today’s oil painting art has been turned into an important cornerstone of China’s cultural pyramid. Not only “introduces” is already a fact, but also “east west” has become a trend.
The foreign product of Chinese oil painting has not only completed the start-up period of the historical mission, and, as a completely independent Chinese new art has gradually entered mature period. In this full of art, to produce a batch of clear, clear the painter of artistic language, artistic pursuit of tianjin Guo Fengxiang is one of them.
His boyhood in oil painting is the absence of the teacher learning, he study in academy is a professional print, after graduation he teaching for 21 years, after work in tianjin artists association, he is there for tianjin oil painting and strive to secure a position in the whole country. On the way of art, Guo Fengxiang play different roles, the only constant is his obsession with oil painting art.
Guo Fengxiang paintings depicting the landscape, in spring, summer, autumn and winter as the background, conception, painted in all aspects. In his works, spring, summer, autumn and winter mountain, water, flowers, trees, paint to get incisively and vividly, lifelike.
Art creativity is unique, distinctive, Guo Fengxiang oil portrait painting is the subject, new perspective, the success of the artistic conception is pure and fresh. The novel and chic, scenery picture composing in ordinary highlights the theme of the extraordinary feature, can let the viewer carefully taste and feelings of human nature make natural harmonious beauty. Stroke width slightly, smooth, freely; Scene transition and cohesion, smooth nature; Color clear, dim and its use, harmony, alternately successfully apply colours to a drawing and create works of different oil portrait atmosphere of elegant, quiet, cold, more clearly highlight the message of the works and the conception. So as to achieve more realistic, more rich three-dimensional perspective of artistic effect. Let viewers like the scene, as if place oneself among them, the stereoscopic feeling