ZhanJianJun says that Chinese oil paintings should consciously,should have a higher pursuit

ZhanJianJun says that Chinese oil paintings should consciously,should have a higher pursuit

China oil painting society from the end of last century since its inception, has been on the way of two at the turn of the century past fifteen years, you remember we have a party every five years, the painter and related leadership, throughout the country invited friends, report to you the job, please advice. At the same time, this paper discusses some topics about the development of the oil painting art. Now, at the end of 2010, the society during the transition, and to this end, we again invite you to the party. Here, I extend a warm welcome to the arrival of the first, and to learn to work to everybody attention, support and promote the express my heartfelt thanks!
Friends, painter of China has experienced the early reform and opening up in the face of the impact of western culture and art produced by the excitement, shock and confusion, and eager to get rid of the closed all abuses the artistic exploration of impulse and anxiety, and long lingering impetuous mentality. Along with the reform and opening up the pace of progress, through adjustment and common efforts from all sectors of society, in this century has gradually tend to be calm and rational. Artists with a positive and steadfast attitude and broad field of vision, in all kinds of artistic phenomena and to the west for the study of Chinese traditional art and the reality of contemporary China has certain research and cognitive, on the basis of establishing the independent development of art direction. Everybody to make unremitting enterprising spirit actively strengthen self-cultivation, serious practice, in their recognition of the art on the road to his artistic pursuit. Some painters gradually formed a distinctive artistic characteristics, successfully established a personal artistic style. “Put forward by the oil painting society at the beginning of its establishment in sincere attitude, attention, national spirit, explore diverse life”, also different degree of the corresponding results have been achieved. Our oil painting art pursuit in painting style is representational or non-figurative, real and surreal, abstract or image, as well as traditional or contemporary, everyone in the flowers, diverse together under the situation of efforts to improve the level of art, has made great progress and achievements. A lot of work to highlight shows the painter’s wisdom and talent in our country, in various types of national or international art exhibition by experts both at home and abroad and the love and praise of the masses. Oil painting art of the people’s life more and more significant in our country and the influence of the position. In our country now has a group of outstanding painter team, everybody is in the spirit of constantly striving, steadfastly, with enthusiasm in striving to create with the national spirit and times characteristics and art features of outstanding works. Important task painter in bear country, meet the needs of the people’s cultural art, and for the development of national culture and arts in actively play their role.
More make people happy, along with the development of national economy, the party and state leaders on cultural and arts enterprises more greater concern and support, and writers and artists of the present to me on the eagerly expect, comrade li changchun in visit our society honorary chairman wu guanzhong show said “ascended chang, Wen Yun xing, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will certainly with the revival of national culture and arts, in such a cultural construction in the spring, era and people’s call for more worthy of history, is worthy of era, is worthy of people’s monumental work, looking forward to more DeYiShuangXin, famous master welcomed and loved by his people, gave rise to more masterpiece”. So also the calling and expectation of the direction of the our common desire and pursuit, the more inspired our beliefs. Now is our Chinese oil painting has experienced 30 years of reform and opening-up of collision and change after a period of steady development, today’s situation for the development of Chinese oil painting art provides unprecedented power and opportunity. Now, all of the problems we are facing is how we painter himself shall make efforts, how to think and act in order to make the Chinese oil painting art progress, effectively improve conscientiously, to step by step closer to our goal. As we all know, our oil painting art before this much attention and talk about ideas, socialism, is the group, social function and so on theories, concepts, and methods of art ontology such as the style of the new and old bigger problem, as for the problem of professional art ontology less discussed in the media and the critics, the painter lack the personal research also has multiple, diverse ideas and practices are needed, but left the oil painting art requirements of ontology, it is easy to lost, is hard. If ever focus on the “painting what and how to” questions. Now, people have begun to pay attention to the problem of “how”. In the current situation, we not only pay attention to the direction, adhere to the culture of the Chinese oil painting independent requirements, but also to a more comprehensive standards require their serious attention to Chinese oil painting art quality, the depth and level. Everyone realized only draw oil painting, painting wonderful, and draw the Chinese oil painting art spirit and the unique charm, our direction to achieve. Therefore, in has a lot to the development of our oil painting, artistic level has greatly improved, and also draw some influential works. Such as the national important historical theme of art works and important exhibition of the winning entries. In order to better adapt to the development of era and people’s increasing demands in art and artists are now the height of the overall artistic achievement and the professional art level, consciously looking for their shortcomings, efforts to constantly improve the level of comprehensive art. Level of art, the key is from the point of view, and at what level of artistic standards to requirements. If from the point of view of the oil paintings of historical development of our country, should say now whether total or partial, in artistic conception, artistic style and artistic level is one of the best ever, it has received great attention in international communication and various praise and affirmation, we good paintings in the current international platform also has a good level, and the overall level of art, in the world, including the west of the painter is also not inferior. But if compared with western oil painting masters, there is a gap, if the master of western art history as the standard, the gap is bigger, but the master was formed under particular historical conditions and cultural background. In The Times, national culture spirit and style characteristic, we should have our and cultural requirements of the standard, to master the learning, rather than go with it the master, I will claim to build oil painting art school in China. However, for all the professional achievements on the oil painting art ontology, and reached the height of the building in technology, the oil painting art of the classic is the peak and scale, learn from foreign countries as a canvas in this respect we should must also be on the basis of the scale, continuously improve their level of art study, learn their advantages in place. Otherwise, we can on the professional level, there is no comparison of the object is from said the words, self-righteous. To this end, we custom oil portrait each painter, especially the leading role of the leading enterprises in the professional painter, more should be at a higher standards themselves, to portrait painting seriously and calm spirit of self-reflection, for their own lack of ‘home and to have a clear understanding of one “self-knowledge” in art. To progress it is necessary to find the gap, only to see the gap is likely to eliminate the gap


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